Something stinks about the Kings Mountain Casino Project… Deal clearly smells of stinky money (WRAL News 3/19/21) Eddie Holbrook, Tim Moore, Wallace Cheves and Scott Neisler accused Report and more by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: For maximum “impact,” please read to the very end!!!

This past Friday, just before noon, the US Postal Service mail carrier delivered some mail to my mailbox. I just happened to be standing near a window and saw it all. So, I walked out the door and picked up my mail. There were three pieces of mail.

One piece was a letter from the Department of Treasury. The IRS. I open that letter first.

Inside that envelope was a single page letter from the White House. I unfolded that letter as I would a standard letter. It was in Spanish and signed by President Biden. I didn’t understand a word of the Spanish. Obviously the White House, President Biden, the Department of the Treasury and the IRS had me confused with an illegal immigrant.

I turned the paper over and there was writing in English on the back side. Apparently, the same message that was on the front side in Spanish. That gave me the certain impression that The White House was favoring Spanish speaking people and not English-speaking Americans. But I already knew that was the case.

The message was a reminder that Biden had sent me a government check for $1,400 and a previous check for $600 that made a total of $2,000. Biden said that fulfilled his campaign promise to me. As I recalled that previous $600 check had President Donald Trump’s name on in. Biden was trying to take credit for that too. As I also recalled President Trump sent me that $600 check plus a another one for $1,200. That totaled $1,800 from Trump and only $1,400 from Biden. So, Biden is still $400 behind. But the message said more. Biden was going to make Obama-Care cheaper and more free stuff would be on the way for everybody. What Biden didn’t say was that we have gotten too much free stuff already. Way more than our children, grandchildren and even more generations will ever be able to send to China to pay off our national debt.

The second piece of mail was a letter from the NC Right to Life folks asking me to pay $36 for a “membership.” I do believe that human life begins at conception and abortion is baby-killing. I also believe that the Pro-Choice narrative is bull-sh*t. A woman does have the right to choose and if she becomes pregnant, she has done so from her own free choice to have sex in the first place. If she is raped, then prosecute the rapist. If there are a million women pregnant from rape, where are the prosecutions for those million rapists? Well, that is a dep subject for my shallow mind. Maybe this discussion should continue to another day and another article.

That third piece of mail is the main subject of this article:

It looked like a political “mailer.” And I suppose it was. The front side is what I decided to title this article. Something stinks about the Kings Mountain Casino Project… Deal clearly smells of stinky money (WRAL News 3/19/21) With Pictures of Eddie Holbrook, Tim Moore, Wallace Cheves and Scott Neisler

The mailer said it was “Paid for and authorized by DefendNC” and was mailed from Raleigh, NC. A google search shows DefendNC is originated and run by the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians. NO secrets and NO lack of Transparency there.

Now for some fact checking for the truth in this mailer.

The mailer said:
Elected officials have not been transparent about this casino project—100% True

Casino developer Wallace Cheves has a history of legal problems associated with illegal gambling—100% True

Cheves and former commissioner Eddie Holbrook, who actively supported the casino project while he was still in office, share ties to a mysterious LLC that owne3s 22 acres directly across from the casino property—100% True plus Cheves donated $5,800 to Holbrook’s re-election campaign in 2018.

Kings Mountain Mayor Scott Neisler’s gamily owns land nearby there too–100% True, however, the Neisler family owned that property years before the casino was envisioned.

So basically, the DefendNC flyer put out by the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians regarding the Catawba Casino is 100% true on its face.

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