Smelly Stuff Coming Out of Secret School Board Meeting!!! Collusion with Rev. Dr. M. Lamont Littlejohn-Giving Away old North Shelby School, Turning it into Homeless Shelter!!, Drug Rehab and Half-Way Houses??? Report gossip and Questions by Robert A. Williams

Upon receiving a CCS notification (I have filed a written request to CCS to be notified of all meetings) of an unplanned School Board Meeting set for January 17, 2020 that was simply called a “Training Session,” I smelled a rat. Basically, because for the entire six years of my requests for these notifications, I have never received such a notification for a “Training Session.”

So, I checked the attached Meeting Agenda. All it had listed was a Training Session. No clue of anything else except for TRAINIG. No mention of what this training was for. No mention of anything related to any other CCS business. Therefore, I did not attend this Training Session and neither did any other member of the public or news media.

That was a mistake.

Upon review of the January 17, 2020 School Board Meeting Minutes for a Meeting that was simply called a “Training Session.” I smelled a rat. Again. A big, fat rat doing criminal acts. I should have known. It is an election year and the incumbent School Board members running for re-election, Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Roger Harris are scared. And they deserve to be scared.

In the weeks since the so-called January 17th Training Session a number of trusted sources, from a diversity of knowledge; from the meeting minutes itself to members of Rev. Dr. M. Lamont Littlejohn’s own Church have pieced together this puzzle.

The incumbent school board members running for re-election noted above as well as other school board members like Phillip “Bully” Glover, Jo Boggs, Jeff Jones and Coleman Hunt who fear that if five new school board members get elected, they will represent a majority on the school board and will make drastic changes (for the better, I would say) to CCS. Perhaps even firing the Superintendent, and others who are not qualified or are redundant.

Allegedly former School Board Chairman Phillip Glover, who’s for-profit Driving School is apparently in conflict with the CCS Driver’s Training is especially involved with maintaining the status quo.

Anyway, according to sources, these renegade school board members have formed some sort of conspiracy negotiations with Rev, Littlejohn for Littlejohn to purchase the old North Shelby School for $500,000, a small fraction of what it is actually worth, for Littlejohn to do with it as he pleases and the extra $500,000 will be used by the incumbents running for office, aided by their accomplices, to spread the money around to the various schools (or places like the Math Academy or maybe line somebody’s pockets) for so-called necessary purposes to secure the “black” vote. And then fill the Shelby Star up with Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom-Bah type cheerleading articles about how good these particular school board candidates are. Of course, knowing that the Shelby Star will go along with this scheming. As they always have.

Sources from Littlejohn’s Mt. Calvary Baptist Church confirm that Rev. Littlejohn’s cover story is that the Church wants to turn the old North Shelby School into homeless shelters, drug rehab facilities and Half-way-houses. Perhaps because such places usually attract large taxpayer-funded grants. Also, perhaps to leave the newly rezoned church property available for the land-flipping scheme associated with the Rail Trail and Thread Trail Project that has already caused the Ramblewood Projects to be sold to the Cherokee Indians for over $4 MILLION in profit for the previous owner. Which surely has gotten Rev. Littlejohn’s attention by now.

Sources also say this was the real instigation for this so-called school board “Training Session” discussion. Finalizing the scheme to basically give the old North Shelby School property to Littlejohn for his support in the black community to re-elect Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Roger Harris. The CCS minutes “touches” on this discussion, hidden deeply in the minutes, which proves this concept was known to certain school board members, but, perhaps not others.

Editor’s Note: As for Robert A. Williams, I am in the process of drafting up Freedom of Information and Public Records Request asking for recordings of this meeting and any other documents or records that are available. I will provide THAT in another article. If the school board hasn’t burned them by now.

Now, along comes Willie Green, independent from all the scheming and conniving amongst Rev. Lamont Littlejohn and “some” corrupt school board members, developing his own business plans for the old North Shelby School and makes his own proposal to the School Board. All above board and all intentions made public. Total transparency from Willie Green, No transparency from the corrupt elements on the School Board as well as the Superintendent.

ALL are set to collide at the January 27, 2020 School Board Meeting when the Meeting Agenda item 5.04 “Sale of the Old North Shelby School Building” rolls around. A classis battle of the old corruption against the emergent citizen’s demands for truth at CCS. Evil intentions vs. Good Intentions. Cover-up vs. Transparency.

Folks, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. And recommend you show up for this coming Monday’s school board meeting too. Watch for yourself what happens. Look the crooks in the eye and say “No More.” Maybe someone will actually “Moon” the evil ones. Figuratively that is.

My hope is that “good” will prevail at CCS. My observations over time is that “evil” still has a good chance to prevail at CCS as it has so many times in the past. If (and that is a BIG “IF”) CCS has any sense, they will table any actions until every potential bidder has the opportunity to bid on the old North Shelby School and the best bid takes the prize.

That would be the right thing to do. But, if the School Board was in the habit of doing the right thing, I would have quit writing about them six years ago, If ever.

But, make no mistake, I will report on the results good or bad. And we will do what is necessary to remove the evil in THIS year’s 2020 School Board elections.

Stay Tune Folks. And show up at Monday’s School Board meeting. It’s liable to be the best show in town.

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