Shocking News (Gossip) and some not so shocking!!! Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen Killed in Love Triangle??? WeRCC President Resigns under Pressure from Dennis Bailey Faction? ETC. Report, gossip and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: As I have noted several times, Cleveland County Good-ole-boys and girls will go a long way to keep their doings a secret. And, when I report what they do, instead of answering to the truth of the matter, they just say everything I write is gossip and doesn’t deserve a reply. They never will admit to the truth. And probably never will as it could land them in prison. So, I just humor them and now report everything is gossip. And let the readers sort it out. But no matter, as the truth of the matter always comes out, gossip or gospel.

Trusted sources today revealed shocking news, uhh, gossip, about the circumstances surrounding the shootout killing of Shelby Police Department Officer Timothy Brackeen almost three years ago and the wounding of Irving Louis Fenner, Jr. Officer Brackeen died of his injuries. Fenner, also wounded, escaped Shelby and Cleveland County with some help from friends and relatives, but was later apprehended in Rhode Island. Where the Rhode Island State Troopers were about to kill Fenner at the slightest provocation.

Fenner is presently held in the Lincoln County Jail. Three women and one man who helped Fenner escape and gave him refuge are held in the Cleveland County Jail. All awaiting trial for almost three years now.

Brackeen left a wife and family. After his struggle for life was lost, Brackeen was honored by then Governor Pat McCrory, Shelby Officials, Honor Guards and many others.

All this is public news and remembered by many. In Cleveland County and elsewhere.

Now, as sources report, Fenner’s trial is tentatively set for sometime next month. The actual date in September 2019 is unknown. Many have wondered why this trial has taken so very long to occur.

Sources report that there are reasons, beyond the general inefficiency and often incompetence of the Cleveland and Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office. Those reasons related to me were very shocking to say the least. But I will get to the point as I was told that theses shocking allegations are about to be disclosed in Court in Fenner’s trial. That Fenner’s attorney may offer testimony that Fenner shot Brackeen in self-defense and that many in law enforcement have known about and talked about the circumstances for years.

This is the jist of my sources report. Time will tell if it is true or not. But, no matter, this trial, if it is not further delayed by this article, may bring out things that will shock and offend many. “Most” is probably the better word. And will bring additional grief to those in the Brackeen family.

The shocking report alleges that Brackeen and Fenner had both been “seeing” the same woman. That they knew about each other and hated each other as often happens when rivals are caught in a “lover’s triangle.” That they had met somehow and decided to settle the matter. And that was perhaps why Brackeen had left his K-9 Officer in his police vehicle. Then the encounter became violent, shots were fired by both Brackeen and Fenner and Brackeen’s injuries were fatal. And Fenner, also wounded, fled the scene, Shelby, Cleveland County and North Carolina for parts unknown at the time.

So folks, stay tuned. I plan to do some Court Watching of Fenner’s trial-whether in Cleveland or Lincoln County. Or wherever and whenever. You come and join me. We will see for ourselves what happens. Especially if Fenner is found guilty and sentenced to death. Or acquitted. Or released for time already served.

Now, there are other not so shocking news related to the stupid and outrageous feud between the Cleveland County Republican Party under Chairman Dennis Bailey and the “Federated” WeRCC (Women Republicans of Cleveland County) under President Marge Hooper.

As previously reported, Bailey and Republican allies such as Ted Alexander, Ronnie Whetstine, Doug Bridges have enlisted their wives and others to “pressuring” Hooper to “resign” herself from the active duties of running the Federated WeRCC organization and act only as a “Figure-Head” President so nobody will know what they are up to. Present reports are that Hooper has agreed to either resign altogether or “resign” and be the Figurehead. Reports indicate that most other women, who should be condemning the wrongdoing, are interested only in staying out of the way of the infighting by not attending the WeRCC meetings. Just don’t want to get involved.

I say to Marge Hooper and the WeRCC women who don’t want to do what is right, to just not get involved. Either Fight for what is right (getting your party’s candidates elected to public office) or get out all the way from WeRCC. An organization that cannot seem to be able to purge its own ranks of bad apples doesn’t deserve to exist at all. I could and do say the same thing to the Democrat and Republican Parties themselves.

But what I find weird about the WeRCC-Republican Party-Dennis Bailey Feud are the reports that all of them are trying to figure out who my sources are. It’s like they will do all sorts of evil things as long as nobody finds out about it- or tells.

Since WeRCC is supposed to be at the 7th Inning Stretch Saturday, selling Donald Trump hats, T-Shirts, etc., I am laughing out loud thinking about going to the WeRCC Booth, purchase another Trump hat and ask them all for an interview. What a hoot that should be. Maybe Dennis Bailey, Ted Alexander, Wes Westmoreland and others will also be there and I will ask them for an interview too. Again, a double hoot.

One more item. Remember not long ago when two inmates were in a holding cell waiting for their Court appearance and one killed the other? Sources also tell me that the SBI came in crawling all over the jail and courthouse and found the special window (Cell 105) for that holding cell was damaged and could NOT be seen through, allowing the murder to not be seen until the door was finally opened. Allegedly the SBI told Jail officials that they would likely be sued for that. Further reports indicate the window for that cell has been fixed. Other reports are the mother of the murdered inmate stated she would not sue Cleveland County. That her son had become addicted to drugs and was “lost” anyway.

Nevertheless, Perhaps I should request the Sheriff allow me to tour the jail facility for a personal inspection. Of course with proper protection. Since the Commissioners have already been requested to fund construction of a new Courthouse, Jail and DSS building, I would like to inspect them all. To determine for myself and my readers what reasons have been given to justify such requests and see for myself the actual conditions of those buildings. As an Engineer myself, I am qualified for such an inspection. I will put that on my “To Do List.”

Back to the 7th Inning Stretch. All taxpayers should attend this Saturday’s event and see what your money is being used for. Cleveland County Commissioners have directly funded the American Legion World Series, Baseball, Inc (Under Chairman Eddie Holbrook) another $450, 000 this year and indirectly funded another estimated $50,000 through the LeGrand Center. So, for every man woman and child in Cleveland County, that is $5 apiece. If only Taxpayers are Counted, that amounts to over $10 apiece. But if that appears cheap to you, consider that from its inception to now, the ALWS has received a total of $5,500,000 in county tax dollars. Enough for build a new Auditorium at either Burns or Crest High Schools. Put that into your pipe and smoke over it when you mark your ballots in the 2020 Elections. The selections are easy. Vote against all incumbent Commissioners and School Board members and you can’t go wrong.

Original stories may be found here and here.

Stay tuned for the rest of the news and gossip. You will most likely only find the truth here.

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