Sheriff’s Race for 2022 Already Started!!! DA Candidate Search for 2022 to Begin!! Will Be Based on Merit, Competency, Truth and Justice –Not on Campaign CA$H!! Same with Commissioners and School Board Elections in 2020!! We Will See to it that Voters are Informed!! Promise by Robert A. Williams

It is certainly unfortunate that political elections in the United States, North Carolina and Cleveland County have come to the point that campaign CA$H determines the winner of an election instead merit, competence, truth and justice. It appeared certain that Campaign Ca$h, along with Plantation Politics played upon a gullible voter base was going to re-elect Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook for another term in the 2018 Elections. But in the wind-up, a baseball term, big spending and truth bending revealed to the voters lead to Holbrook’s shocking and disgraceful defeat at the ballot box. Showing there is hope after all for good candidates to win without being bought off by big and corrupt campaign donors.

This is where we start and continue into the future elections of 2020, 2022 and beyond. Good Candidates winning based on Merit, Competency, Truth and Justice. Not Ca$h!!!

In 2020 a majority of both the Board of County Commissioners as well as the majority of the School Board are up for election.

For the Commissioners: Susan Allen, Johnny Hutchins and Ronnie Whetstine are up for election in 2020.

For the School Board: Shearra Miller, Jo Boggs, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris and Jeff Jones are up for election in 2020.

The Commissioner and School Board Majority are up for elections in 2020 as well as 2020 being a Presidential Election year. This 2020 Election will likely set all time high voter turnout records as well as generate maximum attention from the voters. All citizens, Republicans, Democrats, Unaffiliated and others are urged to consider running for these offices. Begin your considerations now and begin “bone-ing up” on the election process.

The Offices of Sheriff and District Attorney are up for Election in 2022. One candidate, Clyde S. Ledbetter has already announced his candidacy to me for that 2022 Sheriff’s Election.

Mr. Clyde S. Ledbetter ran for the office of Sheriff of Cleveland County in 2018 based on the principles of unbiased service and experience founded in truth, honesty, and compassion. Nothing in Mr. Ledbetter’s campaign made observations of Clyde Ledbetter and his family being victims of great injustices down at the Cleveland County Courthouse regarding egregious deceit, perjury and unjust and corrupt acts done against Clyde Ledbetter’s son Bryan by Bryan’s sex-crazed, porno and drug addled adulterous school teacher wife, Sara Ledbetter.

Sara Ledbetter, being a teacher at Crest, who had allegedly been forced to resign from Crest due to sex with students’ episodes that were covered-up by the school Board had come to my attention several years before I ever met Clyde Ledbetter and years before Clyde ran for Sheriff. I had made several extended visits to the Cleveland County Courthouse to review the Sara Ledbetter files and charges against the Ledbetter family looking for clues of corruption by the School Board in the Alleged Sara Ledbetter coverup.

Looking through those Sara Ledbetter files and seeing the porno pictures Sara Ledbetter had taken of herself at school and other places convinced me that Sara Ledbetter had no place in any school system anywhere. Other information I found indicated to me that Cleveland County Schools had secretly gotten rid of Sara Ledbetter in such a way (forced to resign for personal reasons) that covered up CCS, but also allowed Sara Ledbetter to obtain a teaching job at a school in South Carolina. But records and actual affidavits in the court files, that I read for myself, indicated Sara Ledbetter started over with her bad behavior in South Carolina and was again forced to resign for personal reasons. Which allowed Sara Ledbetter to come back to North Carolina and find a teaching job at Ashbrook High School in Gastonia.

But, what I found to be the most egregious, was that Sara Ledbetter had manipulated Cleveland County Law Enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office, who all had knowledge of Sara Ledbetter’s porno and sex-capades took total advantage of Bryan Ledbetter’s family, including Parent’s Clyde and Janet Ledbetter, to take away the Ledbetter’s Constitutional rights in a numerous ways that will be included in other articles, all for the apparent purpose of covering-up for CCS.

I learned about all of this in the 2015-time frame, but decided to sit on it until the Ledbetter Family, especially Bryan Ledbetter, was out from under court orders not to say and disseminate any information about Sara Ledbetter. I knew in my own mind that although I had discovered all the information related to Sara Ledbetter all by myself from public records, that if I said anything, the Ledbetters would be blamed and visitation rights of the Ledbetters to see their children and grand-children would be denied. So, I just sat on the information-waiting for the appropriate time to expose the all-around cover-up of CCS and others of the Sara Ledbetter case.

Even when Clyde Ledbetter signed up to run for Sheriff as an unaffiliated candidate under the Petition Process, which allows a candidate to run for office without having to “kiss-ass” to the party bosses, I decided to hold off on this story as long as Clyde Ledbetter held off on this story. Which he did for a while.

That is until WBTV-Channel 3 TV station in Charlotte ran a biased and factually false news story, obviously planted by the “Friends of Alan Norman for Sheriff” campaign, ran a prime-time news story just before Election Day that Cleveland County Sheriff’s candidate Clyde Ledbetter had violated a Court Order in a Domestic Violence case. Since WBTV-3 has a viewing audience of around 100 miles radius of Charlotte. Upwards of a million people in North and South Carolina were exposed to the defamatory statements regarding Clyde S. Ledbetter. On top of that WBTV-3 refused to run any rebuttal by Clyde Ledbetter. Just more “Fake News” from a CBS affiliated news outlet.

Now, it is January 20, 2019 and a discussion with Clyde Ledbetter indicates that Clyde Ledbetter intends to “Clear My Name!” and then run for Sheriff again in 2022. Most likely as an unaffiliated candidate under the petition process according to Clyde Ledbetter.

Mr. Clyde Ledbetter, in regard to my question about the details of clearing his name did not indicate such details, except to say that lawsuits, maybe Federal Lawsuits may be in order. And necessary. I suggested to Mr. Ledbetter, since this is all worthy news that I have already verified to be true, that I would be glad to provide the truth to the public. Not as a favor to the Clyde Ledbetter family, but as a public service to drive home the point that there is widespread corruption at Cleveland County Schools all the way down to the Courthouse.

And Sara Ledbetter is not the only one protected by the corruption-in-and-around CCS and the Courthouse. I have discovered multiple cases where innocent persons have been unfairly prosecuted to cover-up sexual shenanigans at Cleveland County Schools, but also down at the courthouse too. Possibly including one execution.

Stay tuned folks. Stay glued to your internet connections too. The 2020 and 2022 elections can put a stop to the corruption that is stinking up Cleveland County.

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