Sheriff’s Department Detention Officers Cry for Help!!! Sheriff allegedly ignores Jail!! Unsafe Conditions-Predict More Deaths in Jail!! Unsigned letter provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: I picked up this unsigned, no return address letter at the Post Office in Fallston today, November 16, 2019. The letter had no return address. Post Office Markings on the letter envelop included a November 14, 2019 post mark and indications that the letter was mailed in Cleveland County and went to Charlotte before sent back to Fallston. I have no idea who wrote and sent this letter to me. The letter speaks for itself. Detention Officers are afraid for their safety and for the safety of inmates. They are also afraid that they will be retaliated against if their identity was divulged. Giving up their identity would be impossible for me as I have previously stated that I do NOT have a clue who sent this letter to me. And they want Sheriff Alan Norman to do something about the conditions at the jail.

The letter speaks for itself. Sheriff Alan Norman, please address the issues raised by this anonymous letter.

Thanks, from all of Cleveland County.

The following request was made to Sheriff Alan Norman.

Sheriff Norman. I would like to tour and inspect the Detention Center with you, at your convenience, to confirm whether or not this attached letter has any validity. Perhaps other media as well as the County Commissioners would like to participate in this tour-inspection. Especially if your department is NOT receiving sufficient funding to properly maintain jail facilities and keep adequate staffing to provide safe conditions for themselves and inmates..

Thanks, Robert A. Williams

Letter to Sheriff-Sent to raw

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