Sheriff Being Watched Too!!! Comment forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Speaker of the House Tim Moore is not the only elected official being watched by the electorate. Sheriff Alan Norman is being watched too. Not only by us but by others too.

We were disappointed that Sheriff Norman has chosen not to respond to questions about his handling of certain situations while Sheriff of Cleveland County. In particular we are concerned in Sheriff Norman’s lack of a fundamental investigation regarding the root cause of the Clyde Ledbetter family situation. The root cause was seemingly irrefutable evidence that crimes were committed by a Crest High School Science Teacher having inappropriate relations with her students that the school board wanted covered-up. When I checked out the court files around two years ago, not knowing anybody involved, I obtained from the public records naked pictures of the teacher for my own records.

In my humble opinion a school teacher taking naked pictures of herself pretty much doesn’t need to be a school teacher. And, the school board needs to get rid of that teacher in such a way as that teacher is kept away from those she is alleged to be abusing. Certainly not “fix” it so she can resign and get a job somewhere else teaching school. Same as the Sheriff’s role in that matter. A role, a minor role, but necessary to continue the cover-up. Shame on Sheriff Alan Norman for not doing his proper job in that case. Shame on the School Board, Danny Blanton, The DA and judges Dean Black and Ali Paksoy. Any one of them could have made sure that justice was done. But they didn’t.

Same as when the CCSO didn’t do the right thing in another case where a widow’s deceased husband’s hunting rifle and shotgun were illegally seized and charges were filed for almost seven years before the phony charges were dismissed. Running up lawyer bills of around $30,000 for a case the Sheriff and DA knew would result in a NOT-Guilty verdict.

Sheriff Alan Norman is hailed by some as being the best Sheriff Cleveland County has ever had. From my own observations, minus the few problem issues that were noted, I would agree with that assessment. Then, the phony and deceptive WBTV-3 news report comes out and it is dirty politics, leaving out the truth, that follows. Old time Cleveland County dirty politics at it’s lowest.

Now, I get a report from a person who is afraid to post the comment below on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. The comment is short and to the point. And I wonder why citizens of Cleveland County have to be afraid of their elected officials.

The comment:

“To: Robert A. Williams

Subject: Sheriff’s Office:

Well I was looking at the Sheriff’s Office page on Facebook. The sheriff is in a picture there and saying he is out working with his men checking sex offenders. I was told that he was at the polls everyday open till close. How can that be? I think you have evidence of a liar and a pretty photo opp. Just my thoughts”

Our thoughts too! Sheriff Alan Norman, you can do better than this. Please don’t get caught up in such as this stuff previously noted above. Just do what is right every time. And figure out how to make amends for the mistakes that have been made. “Amends” meaning doing what is necessary to do what is right, not just remaining silent.

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