Shelby TEA Party Throws Best Candidate Forums of All Time!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

The Shelby TEA Party held a candidates Forum on August 17, 2017 for the Democrat Candidates for the Cleveland County School Board prior to their Primary Election on September 12, 2017. They also invited the Republican School Board Candidates to their July meeting although the Republicans do not have a Primary Election this year.

Despite Democrat School Board Candidates Phillip “Bully” Glover, Tommy Greene and Guy “What’s his Name” Suttle snubbed the TEA Party invitation without even a reply or a Thank You. I suspect this will be reflected on Election Day when the people get to cast their vote-For Someone else. Candidates Dena Green, Coleman Hunt and representatives for Barbara Romich (Ron Spicer and Ginger Bullock) attended the 2017 Democrat School Board Candidate Forum and were cordially received.
This event put on by the Shelby TEA Party and moderated by Member Bill Turpish was the best candidate forum I have ever attended. The forum was a combination Candidate Introduction, TownHall and Listening tour for the candidates as well as the audience. It went like this.

Introduction/Debate: Moderated
The Candidates were given six minutes each to introduce themselves and explain why Democrat voters should vote for them in the Democrat Primary.

Barbara Romich (Represented) started first. Thirty Eight years of teaching experience K-College Level. Against wasteful spending and inefficiency, a go-getter, innovative, not a professional politician and totally for education-real education for the children.

Dena Green was next. Dena’s “Home Run” quote was “with the right leadership, education in Cleveland County can prosper.” A product of a Cleveland County Education, Gardner-Webb, Business Training, Masters Degree in Accounting. Four kids-all successful. Member Shiloh Baptist Church. Major volunteer at schools and with groups supporting schools at every level from PTO to others for years. Substitute Teacher at every level.. “Education has a special place in my Heart.” Also: it is a time to step forward, be honest and transparent, all children in all zones matter and there is a need for transparency.

All well said.

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