Shelby Star Put on Notice!!! Mayor Stan Anthony and Violet Dukes!!! Who told the lies??? Who will Willie Green End up suing for Damages??? Big Lawsuit Coming–one Way or another!!! Report provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Things are going fast and furious now that I discovered the legal documents where Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony and Councilperson Violet Dukes filed their “answer” to Willie Green’s legal action alleging defamation against them regarding what they allegedly said in an article published by the Shelby Star. Scroll back to March 4, 2020 for my article describing the details. In the legal filings by both Mayor Anthony and Violet Dukes they allege that they did NOT say what the Star said they said. Basically, claiming the Star and the Star Reporter Rebecca Sitzes made the whole thing up. The “Answers” from both Anthony and Dukes was provided in my March 4, 2020 article.

Now, sources have provided me with an urgent message Mr. Willie Green has sent to the Star Reporter Rebecca Sitzes. My interpretation is Mr. Green has to decide now who to sue. Mayor Stan Anthony and Council Member Violet Dukes or the Shelby Star? But, hey-Don’t believe me. Read the message below for yourself and form your own opinion.

The Message to the Star Reporter and the link to the Star Article in question is provided below.

From: Willie A. Green

To: Star Reporter Rebecca Sitzes

This email is of grave importance, and your response will determine my decision to continue to pursue my civil complaint against Stan Anthony and Violet Dukes. The purpose of this email is to allow you the opportunity to respond to Ms. Dukes and Mr. Anthony’s claim in their court Answer response to my lawsuit dated February 27, 2020. (See attached Answers filed) Where they deny making comments in your January 26, 2020 article “Diving deeper into Willie Green’s proposal.”
In your article, you wrote that Stan Anthony said, “Green was advised before he bought the property to add a contingency that it would be rezoned as part of the purchase. He said Green did not do so.” And Violet Dukes gave the reason why she voted against my zoning application was “she didn’t feel there was adequate space for the number of units proposed.” Both Stan and Violet deny they made those comments in their court filing.
We have a court hearing on this case this coming Tuesday, February 10th. Can you confirm by providing me with any documents or recordings backing your claim that both Stan and Violet made those comments? Your response will not only allow me to make decisions moving forward with my civil complaint, but will also determine the credibility of the journalism put out by the Shelby Star.
I look forward to your response to this important question.
Willie A. Green, Sr.

The Star article

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