Shelby Star Fear-mongering in COVID-19 Picture Article!!! Despicable example of bad judgement by Star Editor!!! Subscribers and Advertisers obviously to blame!!! Editorial Opinion by Robert A. Williams

I have often provided documents and information along with the articles and stories that I write, saying “Don’t believe a word that I say, read it for yourself.” Otherwise, I would not even write this offensive article.

But, the Article Title and link to the Shelby Star article is so grossly and obviously a premeditated example of fear-mongering that I have ever seen in the Shelby Star and anywhere else. The article contains 30 pictures of things that loosely tie into the COVID-19 coronavirus to regular live right now in Cleveland County in this coronavirus scare. Even though Cleveland County has, to date, ZERO confirmed cases of Coronavirus COVID-19. Many, including myself suspect all the fuss has a large component of Democrat politics that is trying to blame President Trump for all our problems. Even though we don’t even have any problems with COVID-19 yet.

But picture 19 in the Star Article identified below shows a 102-year-old tombstone at Elizabeth Baptist Church of a 46-year-old mother, Hester Green McSwain and her five young children that all died within the span of four days in October of 1918. Most likely of the Spanish Flu that killed many around the world in that year.

To me, that picture was not representative of anything except evil thoughts and political agendas. COVID-19 is NOT the Spanish Flu. This is 2020 and not 1918. And, present information shows that COVID-19 does not kill children very often, if at all unless there is underlying medical issues with the infected person or child.

So, why would the Shelby Star put such as that in their Photo Gallery article without explanation. I figure fear-mongering and a very partisan political agenda. What so you think? If you think it is because the Shelby Star is publishing the propaganda and fearmongering that their subscribers and advertisers want them to publish, the solution is easy. Don’t subscribe to the Shelby Star. Don’t advertise in the Shelby Star. And don’t do business with anybody that does advertise in the Shelby Star. I predict a little of that medicine and the Shelby Star will quickly come to their senses. Or they won’t. All you parents with kids that are NOT in School and you are unemployed, remember that.

Like I always say, don’t believe me. Read this mess below for yourself. But, beware that you are likely to get as mad as I did when I saw picture 19 of 30.

The Star Article title and link is shown below. Read at your own risk. And shame on everybody in the other 29 pictures. You owe the citizens of Cleveland County, and especially your customers, an apology for being a part of this despicable article.

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