Shelby Police Department “Investigates” Beating of Autistic Child at Shelby Middle School!! Shortest Investigation in History!! No Eye Witnesses Interviewed. Only Those Not Present. Video Evidence Destroyed By CCS!! Coach forced to Retire Early, But it was Just a Game, nobody got Hurt!! Says SPD!!! Information to be provided to Plaintiff in Federal Lawsuit Against City of Shelby and Rick Howell–Shows “Business as Usual” in Shelby and Cleveland County!! What a Hoot!! Report and comparison by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Folks, especially Shelby Residents, Disabled students in Shelby Schools, now CCS, have always been mistreated. And never receive a fair shake unless the parent is unafraid to stand up and complain. And only when that parent gets fed up with the silly excuses and takes Shelby to Court does anything ever get done. But the pistol to the forehead and a Superior Court Judge’s finger on the trigger always seems to get Shelby’s attitude changed. And quickly too. In particular I am referring to the deaf child in the Shelby School System, 40-50 years ago, that Shelby Schools didn’t want to educate or provide services for. And refused to provide services for.

But that was before Mrs. W took Shelby to Court. And won her case. Under Orders of a No-nonsense Judge, Shelby, out of the goodness of their hearts, decided to implement a program to properly and fully educate children with disabilities. And have pretty much done so for all these years, until now. And upon the advent of autistic children, who all seem to be treated poorly, although the Shelby VFW donates lots of money to see that autistic children get the services they need. But Shelby and CCS appears to have gotten too big for their britches, again. Perhaps it is time for Shelby and CCS to get another “spanking” down at the courthouse?

As I reported in my previous article published April 12,2019 titled Shelby Police Department to Investigate CCS for child abuse, Public Participation speakers at the April 8, 2019 School Board meeting told the Do-Nothing school board about an autistic student being abused or neglected at Shelby Middle School while in gym class. And three gym teachers-coaches stood by laughing and did nothing. So, as the law requires, I made a formal report to the DSS and Shelby Police Department. I then was contacted by a SPD Officer who requested contact information from the sources and I provided that info to SPD.

Nooow, this is what those sources told me:

I received a call from the officer which turns out to be the SRO of Shelby Middle School. After talking to him he was familiar with the event. He stated this was a game that was played in the gym that day and that no crime was committed. I questioned my daughter today about the games and she said that’s not true. She said we were told never to touch or handle those plastic poles. She said mom I’m telling you the truth… I told her I believe every word. She told me today of a student sitting next to her that day also stated it was wrong, (these poles and cones are no longer in the gym)

I questioned the SRO officer if this was a game then why was the one coach forced into retirement? I asked him to look at the films that were recorded in the gym that day. Yep you said it!!! They are gone!!!! He told me this is not a police investigation but it’s a school issue with the employees. He said he spoke to the child’s mother and she said it was a game and her son was not hurt. Once again, I think the school lied to her and I’m not too sure how well this child can communicate about his feelings.

The source also reported additional information “that there was an incident at the Shelby High School where a girl was assaulted and they have it on camera too.” Perhaps we will also find out if that camera footage gets destroyed like the camera footage of the autistic child being the victim of a “game” got destroyed. Destroying incriminating evidence appears to be the MO as Shelby schools and all over CCS. Perhaps a lawsuit regarding that alleged assault will result from the nonsense at CCS.

As for me, I don’t expect CCS and their crazy school board ever to learn their lessons until a Superior Court Judge or a Federal Judge comes down hard on them for not doing their jobs.

But we can see that the MO of CCS as well as the Shelby PD, and Shelby City Council for that matter, is to destroy evidence in some way, delay and just try to lie out of everything. Just like the Shelby City Council and Rick Howell have tried to do in the Willie Green Federal Lawsuit against them. However, in that case a Federal Judge has severely censured Shelby and Rick Howell and ordered them to get on with the process with no more delays. This will surely speed up that process. Also, once Mr. Green’s case comes to trial, and wins, information such as this, about how Shelby and Cleveland County operate, the award Mr. Green is likely to get will be much multiplied by punitive damages that reflect what is required so Shelby and Cleveland County will surely get the message to stop jerking people around. That would be good for all of us.

Stay tuned. I asked for a written report of this investigation. Let’s see if that is provided. And when.

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