Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony on the HOT SEAT!! Sheriff’s Department requested to Investigate Shelby Mayor!!! For questions of “Pay for Play” scheme, Bribery, Blackmail and extortion!!! Public Record forwarded to citizens by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following public record is forwarded to the citizens of Cleveland County Exactly as-is, except that certain information related to personal information (Address and telephone number) has been edited out.

The following request for a criminal investigation of Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony has been sent to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department0Sheriff Alan Norman. Since Stan Anthony is the Mayor of Shelby, it would not be appropriate to request such an investigation be conducted by the Shelby Police Department for obvious reasons.

The questionable acts of Mayor Anthony are described as a potential “pay-for-play” scheme as well as questions related to bribery, blackmail and extortion are noted.

Since such potential acts as this are high crimes and NO person in political Office has ever been investigated and prosecuted in Cleveland County (in my lifetime), my recommendation is this should be immediately turned over to the SBI or FBI and the North Carolina Attorney for the appropriate actions.

The written request for an investigation of Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony is provided below.

Willie A. Green, President/CEO
5-Star Athlete, Inc.

September 23, 2019

Sheriff Alan Norman
Cleveland County Sheriff Department
100 Justice Pl. Shelby, NC 28150

RE: Request for Criminal Investigation of City of Shelby’s Mayor (Shelby) Stan Anthony

Sheriff Norman,

This is an official request for a criminal investigation to be launched involving the City of Shelby’s Mayor Stan Anthony for the violation of the NC Criminal Self-Dealing Statute (G.S. 14-234), that “prohibits a public officer (elected or appointed) or a public employee from deriving a direct benefit from any contract in which he or she is involved on behalf of the public agency he or she serves.” [A]s well as the actions by the Mayor expands possibly into questions relating to bribery/blackmail/extortion.


In May 2016, I met with the City of Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony (“the Mayor”) and City Manager Rick Howell (“the City Manager”) to discuss a Public-Private-Partnership to build a sports facility on Holly Oak Park, the historic park mostly used by the African American community. As a result of those initial meetings with the Mayor and the City Manager, the City Manager offered me a proposal to lease sections of Holly Oak Park and the City would provide additional services and funding to my company.

As good faith discussions and negotiations continued throughout 2016 and into 2017 calendar year with the Mayor and City Manager. In February 2017 the Mayor under his private architectural design company entity Boomerang Design and in his capacity as the Mayor of Shelby, offered my company a proposal to be the design company of the proposed sports facility. I eventually made the decision to go with another design company.

The City of Shelby decided to end discussions with me about the partnership, and the Mayor supported the decision not to have any further discussions with my company. It is my belief that the Mayor has abused the powers of his position for financial gains and to retaliate against me because I refuse to engage in a “pay for play” scheme, and his actions should be investigated.

Please provide me with a case number once an investigation has commenced and if you need any additional information or have questions please contact me at 704-913-0506. If this investigation does not fall under the sheriff department responsibility, I would respectfully request that you pass this on to the proper authorities or provide me with contact information of which law enforcement agency this would fall under.


Willie A. Green, Sr.

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