Serious Allegations Made about High Level Cleveland County Officials !!! Reported to and forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following serious allegations regarding a senior level county official are reported to the Cleveland County Commissioners for their investigation and appropriate disciplinary action. This report is made in this fashion for several reasons:
1. A public report is about the only way to make the commissioners do anything.
2. A somewhat similar investigation regarding the shooting of cats and the Sam Lockridge involuntary retirement scandal has caused the employees at Animal Control, the Landfill and the Shooting Range to be instructed to “not talk to anybody.”
3. Several Commissioners have been named in the following report.

It is expected that the Commissioners will respond to this report and actually do a proper investigation-instead of the usual cover-up.

Please note that the allegations and how they were delivered to me are shown exactly as I received them. Except all traces of where this report came from have been eliminated because of the fear of acts of major retaliation by Cleveland County toward the person(s) making the report.

All persons named in this report are public figures and are highly encouraged to tell their side of the story. This goes for all the article that I publish.

All persons who have knowledge and information about perceived wrong doings by County officials may contact me and their identity will certainly be protected.


From: An informed source
June 22, 2017 at 3:43 PM

To: Robert A. Williams

Good afternoon,
With all the issues within Cleveland County going on right now I wondered if you would like a tip of some other stuff going on with a director? I want to stay unknown, please!


I would be glad to receive your tip. I will ensure your confidentiality.
Robert A. Williams

From: An informed source
June 22, 2017 at 4:32 PM

To: Robert A. Williams

There’s so much….. The Cleve county fire Marshall, Perry Davis is a snake in the grass. He’s always making sexual comments about female staff members, talking inappropriate about women he sees on television to his staff members and conducts his personal asbestos business on county company time. He gets himself into every thing that goes on in the county…. He thinks his fd runs the world series stuff at Shelby high school, he gets in the middle of the county Fair, and does all this to benefit his fd by making money and never let’s any other fire departments in the county have a fair chance. I have a problem mainly because he’s the chief at oak Grove fd and the fire Marshall. I feel this is a conflict of interest. And the truth be known he isn’t qualified to be in the Fire Marshall position. He hasn’t completed all the training and tests. The fire inspector Josh Queen is the only qualified one in the office and he may be leaving that office very soon. Mr Davis is also very close to Jason falls and Johnny Hutchins, the county commissioners. They are all snakes…. I’m trusting this info isn’t put out there that it came from me. Thanks for listening!

Name withheld by Request

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