School Teacher Sex Offender Finally Caught-Taught at Seven County Schools !!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

WBTV-Channel 3 reported tonight that a male substitute teacher in the Charlotte Mecklenburg County School District has been arrested on multiple sex offenses against multiple elementary school children. The teacher was released on a $12,500 bond. Law enforcement investigators are checking into the seven schools the teacher worked at for additional victims.

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This is disturbing since I have been notified over a period of time of three Cleveland County School teachers who were allegedly caught by school administration members and were allowed to resign instead of being reported to law enforcement for prosecution. Thus, keeping their teaching license and being able to work at other schools.

I will back up a little about the statements above. One of those teachers was reported to law enforcement. I know because I received an anonymous letter informing me of the situation and I personally reported the allegation to law enforcement. Recently I learned that it was the school principal that caught the teacher and the student in the act on school property and assisted in the cover-up that avoided prosecution. Sooner than later I will tell that tale.

In the meantime, I would advise parents to periodically talk to your children for indications of sexual abuse at Cleveland County schools.

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