School Board Surrenders AGAIN–On Bathroom Issue at KMHS!!! Won’t Tell anybody why or who voted for or against the Surrender!!! The “silent” war against morality and rule by the perverts!!! Very similar to the crazy CCS Lawsuit against the Sheriff!!! Report, analysis and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

There is an 18-year-old girl attending Kings Mountain High School that wants to be a boy. “Transgender” it is called. In her own head, she has identified herself as a boy and wants to be able to use the boy’s restroom.

Thanks to the “crazies” on the City Council in Charlotte a few years ago, a firestorm of crazy City Ordinances brought the North Carolina General Assembly to action to produce the so-called “Bathroom Bill.” After national attention by the Gay Pride crowd, the state laws were basically drafted and finalized in such a way that the sex assigned to a person on their birth Certificate is the sex of the bathrooms that they use. Pretty simple, logical and reasonable. Even Biblical. For “right-minded” people anyway.

So, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the girl-boy’s mama team up and file a lawsuit against the Cleveland County School Board, CCS Superintendent Fisher and the Kings Mountain High School Principal. The also filed for a Court Order to allow the transgender girl to use the Boys restroom. The ACLU, somehow (apparently agreed to by the CCS Attorney-the same attorney who brought the frivolous lawsuit for $3 Million against Sheriff Alan Norman) had their pick of judges, liberal judge Lisa Bell, out of CHARLOTTE.

With the CCS lawyer’s permission, the Bathroom lawsuit was filed, liberal Judge Lisa Bell held a hearing and the order was drafted and signed and filed, all within 96 minutes. Totally unheard of in any regular lawsuit. Only allowed by the CCS lawyer surrendering all rights to a fair trial.

But even liberal Judge Lisa Bell did not have the legal right to go against the Bathroom law as put forth by the North Carolina General Assemble, half of which is headed by Speaker of the House and Cleveland County representative Tim Moore. So, Judge Bell made the Order for only one week, with another hearing scheduled for February 4, 2020. Plenty of time for the School Board to tell their attorney to shape up and do his job.

But the School Board did NOT tell their lawyer to fight the lawsuit. Just as they surrendered when the lawsuit was filed on January 28, 2020, they surrendered again on the February 4, 2020 hearing. They agreed to a continuance all the way until April 6, 2020. Leaving the Order intact that the girl could use the boy’s restroom.

This was an obvious legal strategy by the girl-boy, her mother, the ACLU, the School Board and their lawyers. For the longer such an Order is in place, the less likely it will be overturned in court. A sneaky and backdoor way to let the Gay Pride crowd win the lawsuit by the School Board’s surrender. The MORE likely the State Law will be upheld at Cleveland county Schools or anywhere else. And the citizens be damned. Especially the Citizens that are Christian and read their Bibles.

That is what the Cleveland County School Board, under Chairman Shearra Miller, Vice Chairman Richard Hooker and assisted by members Roger Harris and Phillip “Bully” Glover has done for us. Our children are taught about homosexuality and perversion being OK and the Bible and Christian Prayer and Christian behavior is wrong. And Miller, Hooker, Harris and Glover are fine with that.

Folks, if you want or children to be properly educated in an efficient, effective and cost-effective manner, vote in the Republican Primary Election for Matthew Canipe, Robert Queen, Rodney Fitch, Junie Barrett and Ron Humphries. Cut out the cancer, once and for all, that is killing the future for Cleveland County.

Also, don’t believe a word that I said. The Court Calendar for April 6, 2020 is shown below for your own inspection. It is Item Number 9 on Page 4. Read for yourself how the “John Doe case is being continued and justice is being delayed. Remember, justice delayed is justice denied. I am tired of justice being denied in Cleveland County. What about YOU!!!


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