School Board Refuses to Explain Waste!!! I told you so report by Robert A. Williams

The January 28, 2019, School Board meeting agenda has been released. Not a peep about the most recent discovery of negligent waste. And it’s not like they were pressed for time. The agenda appears to be one of the shortest in CCS history.

Note that hardly anybody shows up for Citizens Recognition anymore. Probably because the School Board never pays any attention to the speakers and never does anything about any complaint anyway. I know that is why I never sign up for Citizens recognition anymore. However, there still will be some kind of discussion on a Strategic Plan. That could be entertaining since everything discussed, based on past history, would be laughable. Except for being sickening at the same time.

But, again, not a peep about waste nor who is responsible. Also, it appears School Board Chairman Shearra Miller has refused to put Danny Blanton on the agenda-again. I suspect some fireworks at this meeting. It might be worth going to watch the school board’s never-ending attempt to allow a duly elected school board member to speak.

What I would like to know about this recent waste episode is this:

Where did these chairs that were ruined come from in the first place?
What replaced them and why?
And a timeline.

Some additional information has reached me that these chairs came from a lunchroom and that not only the chairs but all the tables were replaced too. Replaced with folding tables.

If the tables were replaced, why not use the same chairs?

And why use folding tables? Was the lunchroom going to be also used for something else besides a lunchroom? And then converted back to a lunchroom the next day? How much did these folding tables cost? How much is the labor going to cost to remove the folding tables and set them back up again? Over and over and over and over again.

Also, since most, maybe all, schools now serve breakfast and lunch every day-folding tables and folding chairs (maybe) doesn’t sound like a good idea in the first place.

However, the CCS Child Nutrition folks are especially noted for wasting money and time. The head honcho, Jada Brown, was the person charging two massages at the Grove Park Inn, an Asheville NC resort, and charging them to school credit cards. She also was one of the biggest users of school credit cards in both cash amounts and how often she charged on what appeared to be questionable non-school related merchandise. Energy drinks, crackers, snacks, bubble gum, etc. by the case that should never be served to children at school. Many of Jada Brown’s charges appeared to be from her grocery list for supper. So many charges that if you added up the time Jada Brown was out shopping, she would never have time for her work at school.

If this child nutrition crowd also orders furniture for lunchroom seating, it certainly something they are about a million miles outside of their area of expertise. But that can be said of just about every department at CCS. Things like the Human Resources Director was formerly a school teacher and maybe a Principal who topped out in pay, so she was moved into HR for more money, not qualifications. Some say her main qualification is she is the daughter of the Pastor of the Kings Mountain Baptist Church where many school board members and Superintendent Stephen Fisher attend church.

Other directors have similar credentials. Like the Director over Plant Services.

Anyway folks, go back and read my last article about “Responsibility.” Or in CCS’s situation, a lack of responsibility. This wasted asset involving school lunchroom chairs and probably the tables too is just one of a long string of waste and mismanagement that the school board, except Danny Blanton, refuses to do anything about. How many such instances does a reasonable person need to convince them that something must be done, and soon?

So, concentrate on helping recruit candidates for the school board in the 2020 elections. Five positions, a majority, are up for election. The County Commissioners have a majority up for election in 2020 too. 2020 is also a Presidential Election year. Voter turnout is likely to be record-breaking.

Folks, get yourself involved. And informed. Share these articles with all your friends and neighbors. Start saving your pocket change every day to donate to your favorite candidate. Don’t be overwhelmed by the candidates who have all the billboards and signs up everywhere. They are representing their big money donors, not you-or for the education of your children. Don’t let the 2020 elections depend on who spends the most money. That shouldn’t matter anymore. Ask defeated and disgraced former Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook about that.

And, most of all, remember, we don’t recommend candidates that most think will win. We recommend the candidates that ought to win based on their position on issues and credentials. We always have and we always will. And, we will never accept money for campaign adds or for our recommendations. Not one dime. Not one penny. Never have and never will.

As for this no-account school board that won’t answer questions about wasteful spending or poor education scores, etc. We just say to you, throw the bums out and put good people in their place. So, watch out School Board and watch out Commissioners. We are watching you closely and making up our minds about the 2020 Elections. But, also be forewarned. From what we have seen (and what we have NOT seen, like accountability and responsibility because YOU refuse to show us) indicates that you need to go.

Nothing personal. Just the facts. The School System is wasteful with resources. Our kids are not being properly educated. And it is time to do something about that.

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