School Board Famous for Wa$te, Crooks and Liars!!! Monday March 11, 2019 Meeting is no exception!!! It’s Always the Danny Blanton Show!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

To be brutally brief, the March 11, 2019 School Board Meeting was just Eight Wasteful, Crooks and Liars school board members trying to shut down The Danny Blanton Show. Same as last meeting. The meeting before and on and on for almost 6 years. With Commissioners Doug Bridges and Deb Hardin looking on in wonder and disbelief.

End of Article.

I could leave this article just like this and be telling the 100% truth. But you know me; I want to explain to you WHY this is true.

Wa$te: Just like the last meeting, the school board has a contract they want to approve. This time an auditor contract. Just like last time Danny Blanton asks if CCC put the contract out for bid? Blanton gets the same fiscally irresponsible answer-NO! Supt. Fisher goes on and on about how good the auditors are, no matter that their bid was higher than last year. And common business sense (and probably state law) says you go out for bid on all contracts unless there is an over-riding best interest in going single-source. But auditor firms are widespread and plenty.

Perhaps I should say the School Board members minus Danny Blanton are wa$teful AND Lazy. And they don’t give a whit about the taxpayers who pay for their waste. Also, noting the Audit that the school board approved several years ago in regard their big Multi-Million $$$ credit card scandal, the auditors were ordered NOT to look at the problem areas, but only at the known good areas. Good only because the auditors were given records for new hires with carefully controlled credit card receipts while the big spenders like Beth McCraw and Jada Brown were not audited. It was a conspiracy between the school board (minus Danny Blanton) and the administration to cover-up the massive credit card fraud and waste. And the auditors audited just what they were told to audit. Of course, the audit results came in with no problems found. So, when an audit report comes in not showing any problems, my first thought is “just another fraud” to cover-up the wa$te. Another good day for Cleveland County Schools.

Crooks: North Carolina law requires governmental agencies keep “fair and accurate” minutes of what transpires during official meetings. To purposely and willfully falsify such records is a major violation of law. Records that are written to mislead, as well as willful omissions of things that did transpire, are clear examples of criminal violations of those very same laws.

At the March 11, 2019 school board meeting, part of the agenda was to approve minutes of meetings held in February. For the Feb. 25, 2019 meeting there was a closed session regarding some action that was allegedly “confidential.” You can be sure a “closed session” offers anybody with corruption in their hearts an extra opportunity for mischief. Danny Blanton brought up the fact that the minutes were supposed to be fair and accurate and this Feb. 25th meeting minutes were incomplete. Note that these closed session minutes could be seen by the Board, but not by the public. Blanton stated that he was a duly elected school board member and that he took his responsibility to listen to parents when they called him. And that several board members wanted to exclude him from the closed session because Blanton had taken the parents call and informed them of the proper procedures to follow in regard to their call. Totally the right thing to do for Blanton. But Blanton went on to say that this exchange was not reflected in the minutes as if it did not happen. Totally against the legal requirements to be fair and accurate in meeting minutes records.

Blanton then made the motion to amend the minutes to properly describe what had actually transpired in the closed session. The fact that every board member was in that closed session and heard and saw everything, NO other board member would second Blanton’s motion. Chairman Shearra Miller quickly moved on to other business. Such acts as this indicate that eight school board members; Shearra Miller, Phillip Glover, Roger Harris, Richard Hooker, Jo Boggs, Coleman Hunt Dena Green and Jeff Jones, as well as Superintendent Stephen Fisher-who is the Board secretary in charge of keeping the minutes, had just willfully conspired to violate the law that requires meeting minutes, including closed session minutes, to be fair and accurate. Right before my own eyes they did this. Apparently knowing that Conspiracy of a minor crime is a felony crime in and of itself. These eight school board members plus Supt. Fisher, who had just committed a felony crime must have done so that nobody in Cleveland County would investigate and prosecute them. So, add the District Attorney and Law enforcement to the list of unindicted co-conspirators in a criminal act. Such as that is described as crooked business in my book. So, no apologies from me for calling crooks, CROOKS. I call them as I see them and this was right before my own eyes. And YOUR EYES too if you go to the CCS Website and watch this video.

By definition a “Lie” is when statements are communicated with the intention of deception. This also applies to communications where the truth of the matter is left out. Lies of “omission” they are called. Besides the many lies of commission and omission as described above under Crimes, there was more.

When the board was discussing various new policies, in particular the policies regarding CCS interfaces with parents, Danny Blanton brought up the fact that he had received a copy of a letter from a parent that had been sent to that parent by the CCSS attorney in Raleigh. The letter threatened to prosecute the parent for CRIMINAL harassment. Note that I have officially asked for an official copy of this threatening letter under the Freedom of Information Act as well as NC Public Records Laws (as well as filing an official complaint with the DS and Cleveland County Sheriff in regard to this letter).

Blanton went on describing how the parent never actually talked to the board member. Blanton wanted to know how much the CCS lawyer charged CCS for this letter.

What transpired next reminded me of the old saying that “if you throw a rock at a pack of dogs, the hit-dog hollers.” And the school board member that hollered the most was Chairman Shearra Miller. I had to marvel over the idea that the Chairman of the Cleveland County Schools would refuse to talk to a parent, even to the point of threatening prosecution of the parent for criminal harassment if he tried to call her again. But, by Millers responses, I am convinced she is the school board member who refused to speak to the citizen or, at least was the one who authorized the lawyer to write and send the letter.

NOTE: Perhaps the parent that received this letter will also read this article and allow me to obtain a copy of this letter for publication. Of course, blocking out the names of students as necessary to prevent CCS retaliation. Citizens need to know just how bad these school board members are so we can get rid of five of them in next year’s elections.

So folks, you decide whether or not the Cleveland County School Board, minus Danny Blanton, are a pack of wa$teful crooks and liars. I have watched this stuff for years now and have come to the clear conclusion that this crowd is exactly what I described. A pack of wa$teful Crooks and Liars. Again, I make no apologies for calling wa$teful crooks and liars–wa$teful crooks and liars.

Remember the worst of the pack, Roger Harris, Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Jo Boggs, and Jeff Jones are up for election next year. Five good candidates can send this crowd packing. Hopefully all you citizens will consider whether or not you want to run for these offices. And surely you all will turn out to vote the wa$teful crooks and liars out of office. Hopefully you and I will have the wisdom to show up on the 2020 election days and clean house on the CCS Board.

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