School Board Candidate Takes Common Sense Stand on Bathroom Issue!!! Draws Fire from Gay Rights Advocates and Stands His Ground!!! Matthew Canipe is Recommended for the CCS School Board!! Report, evaluation and recommendation by Robert A. Williams

The old Shelby Star internet “blog” and now their Facebook page has always been dominated by an overly large group of Gay Rights and Wicca advocates. And they still are. The Shelby Star editorial and reporter staff have always catered to The Cleveland County Schools and other county governmental agencies with favorable coverage. Even phony coverage. Most likely because the Star was and is paid hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to do so. This is an old fact, well proven and true.

So, when I “scooped” the Star with my article about the transgender bathroom lawsuit against the CCS School Board, the Star and CCS again teamed up to do another “favorable coverage” Star article that was phony, violated Open meeting laws as well as violating the Federal HPPA laws by disclosing the confidential medical information of a minor. I will speak to that in another article.

In reviewing the Star’s phony Facebook stuff, as I do every now and then, I came across their biased article about the Transgender student’s lawsuit against the CCS School Board and quickly found some posts by School Board Candidate Matthew Canipe.

I know Matthew Canipe from the many school board meeting that he and I have both attended. Based on my personal observations, Matthew Canipe is the most interested member of Cleveland County residents. Second only to me. Matthew Canipe has spoken to the School Board during their watered-down Public Participation and has often advocated much needed changes at CCS. Beginning with a “top-down” reorganization philosophy to remedy the top-heavy and inefficient staff and properly reward high performing teachers and other working level employees. Matthew Canipe has always spoken what he thought and what he spoke was always common-sense, logical and fully grounded in fact. Just the qualities Cleveland County needs in a school board member.

What Matthew Canipe did on the Shelby Star Facebook page even exceeded all expectations of a leader in resolving the many problems at CCS and showed a much-needed determination to stand up for what is right that is missing in the present incumbent school board members that are running for re-election. That being Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Roger Harris.

What Matthew Canipe did was a breath of fresh air in politics in Cleveland County and everywhere else. Matthew Canipe made his common sense statement that he was a school board candidate, that he fully supported fighting the newest lawsuit against the school board regarding upholding the State Law on transgender bathroom use and then Matthew Canipe stood up firmly against all the many, many vicious assaults against him by the liberal gay rights crowd. “Snowflakes” as they are called. Matthew Canipe was supported in his position by a few other posters. Unfortunately, ONLY a few. But Matthew Canipe didn’t back down. Even a fraction of a fraction of an inch on his position and the position of at least 80% of Cleveland county as shown by the percentage that voted against gay marriage a few years back.

Unlike what other elected officials, Matthew Canipe stood up for what he and WE believe is right against all the name calling and threats. So, we can be assured that what Mathew Canipe says on this issue as well as other issues is what Mathew Canipe believes and what Matthew Canipe will do as an elected member of the Cleveland County Board of Education. What you see and hear from Matthew Canipe is what he will do in office. No “ifs”, “ands” and “buts.” Also, from Matthew Canipe’s many attendances at School Board meeting, Matthew Canipe is very willing to listen and learn about concerns and figure ways to resolve and then “fix” the problems and issues. It is also certain that the School Superintendent will not be confused by any school board that Matthew Canipe is a member of. It is also just as certain that any superintendent that thinks that any school board that Matthew Canipe is a member of works for him and he can do whatever he pleases.

Folks, I don’t know anything else to say, except that Matthew Canipe deserves YOUR vote for the Cleveland County School Board. Both in the Republican Primary Election as well as the November 2020 General Election. Please go vote and take a carload with you. Taxpayers as well as the children of Cleveland County desperately need Matthew Canipe and four others just like him as newly elected school board members. And pretty soon the school board will not need phony favorable coverage from the Shelby Star. Us citizens will all know that ALL of our children are safe and sound at school with Matthew Canipe on the School Board. And the teachers and school staff will be tasked with providing a good education in the process.

Stay tuned for more recommendations for the School Board, Commissioners, etc. and a marked-up sample ballot. Also, consider making campaign contributions to the candidates of your choice to help with the expenses of their campaign. Also, please show up for political forums and campaign functions to show your support.

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