Saturday Night Fight at the Fair Escalates and Moves to Shooting of Three in Food Lion Parking Lot! –Report by Robert A. Williams

We often scoop the Star on articles like this. And would have this time too if I hadn’t finished taken the time to finish the previous article regarding sexual orientation discrimination and suspensions at the Early College and then ate lunch.

The report to me was there was a fight at the Fair Saturday night that eventually moved to the nearby Food Lion Parking lot. And then escalated to the shooting of three people. My report was that the Fair folks and others wanted this hushed up, but the massive shootings in Las Vegas last night and the recent shootings at Gardner-Webb caused this story to be too big to hush up. I tend to think my articles and record readerships have caused the Star to get more active with reporting local news such as this. I hope so.

Anyway, my additional information from sources say the shooters were from Gaffney and no arrests have been made yet.

If you are a Shelby Star subscriber, demand that you be updated on this as soon as possible on this story. If you have to be updated by me, I recommend canceling your subscription. Why pay for news when you can get it from me for free?

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