Rumors say Loser Eddie Holbrook Is Running for County Commissioner in 2020!!! As a Republican!! December 26, 2018 Phony ALWS Article in Star Confirms!! Report and Info by Robert A. Williams

Have you ever heard the ditty; “he keeps on turning up like a dirty penny?” The Shelby Star article of December 26, 2018 regarding the American Legion World Series Baseball, Inc. and ALWS Chairman Eddie Holbrook reminded me of that.

First of all, that December 26, 2018 article titled American Legion World Series wins tourism award says it was written “by Staff Reports,” when the fact is the article was willfully plagiarized by the Star from the American Legion World Series Baseball Facebook page “Press Release” from December 9, 2018. Which was and is phony-baloney too. The Star apparently never fact checks anything these days.

The Facebook ALWS Press Release and Star article both say that the 2018 World Series sold a record 128,157 tickets and brought in $16 Million economic impact to the region. All bogus numbers. However, since I previously exposed ALWS Baseball’s phony attendance records, Eddie Holbrook and his sycophants have changed their story to “tickets sold.” Knowing all along that most of the tickets are “purchased” beforehand and in large part given away to assure the stands are full at game time. Out of the $Millions of tax-dollars the Commissioners have paid to ALWS Baseball it is very likely that much of that money went to purchase tickets to be given away: just to fill the stands for propaganda purposes. Also, if you do some simple arithmetic, such as divide 128,157 tickets sold by the 15 ALWS games that are played, you get 8,544 persons attending each game. Last I heard the capacity of Keeter Stadium was only 6,500. So, around 2,000 people must be sitting on somebody else’s lap. In the August heat too. You gotta be crazy to believe anything the ALWS Baseball and the Shelby Star put out.

And it goes downhill from there. The Star Article and the ALWS Baseball Facebook post says that there were 1,500 motel room-nights occupied due to the games. Since the games were over five nights, that is 300 rooms per night. If you figure three people per motel room that is only 900 people. A far cry from the 8,544 tickets sold per game. The facts don’t match the figures. Even the figures don’t match the figures. Only a Cleveland County School education would produce people who would believe all this mess from the ALWS Baseball and Eddie Holbrook.

And the $16 Million economic impact to the region in 2018. Everybody already knows that Cleveland County economic impact numbers such as these are phony-baloney to start with. Numbers that are never explained and therefore can never by evaluated for the truth. No need for any calculations here. Besides, most of the people who attend the ALWS games are locals who were given tickets to fill the stands. No motel rooms for them or new money coming in. So, NO economic impact.

But, why was such a phony-baloney set of articles put out to begin with? The source of these articles can be traced straight back to the ALWS Baseball Chairman Eddie Holbrook. The same Eddie Holbrook who was so thoroughly disgraced and defeated in the 2018 County Commissioner Elections that he also resigned from his $125,000 plus benefits do-nothing job at Cleveland Community College.

Could this be proof of a slow redemption plan for Eddie Holbrook and his high dollar supporters to start his path back to another run for Commissioner in 2020 that the rumors are talking about? Time enough for the low information voters of Cleveland County to forget about Holbrook’s $Million Dollar check from the county funded by Carolinas Healthcare System. Perhaps a bribe for selling the Hospital to them—cheap. And about $5 Million overall of tax money going to the ALWS Baseball. Much of the time the tax money was collected when people were unemployed and losing their homes to foreclosure!! Why would any taxpayer want to vote for Eddie Holbrook to make a comeback so he could funnel more tax money to his pet projects or possibly to his own pocket?

And what about the present Commissioners? Many of whom were either involved with the ALWS money fraud or committed to continue the fraud when they were appointed to fill vacancies. Only newly elected Commissioner Deb Hardin is totally innocent for the past fraud of tax dollars going to ALWS Baseball. What Deb Hardin and the rest of the commissioners do, going forward, will be closely watched and reported. Commissioners Susan Allen, Johnny Hutchins and Ronnie Whetstine are up for election in 2020. How can they spill the beans on Eddie Holbrook when their own actions are suspect?

All I can predict with great accuracy is that Cleveland County voters will have the opportunity to see the Million-dollar check and other indicators of fraud, malfeasance and mayhem before the next Commissioner Election. As well as record turnout of voters in the 2020 Presidential Election Year.

But Eddie Holbrook may have the answer to running for County Commissioner in 2020 where a large turnout for Republican candidates is expected. Switch to the Republican Party. That is what some “rumors” are speculating. Especially since the democrat Plantation Politics and the Uncle Toms have stopped working for Massa Eddie anymore.

Stay tuned folks. You will soon be totally surprised at how your commissioners have been screwing over you taxpayers for all these years. Get ready to sign-up to run for County Commissioner while some commissioners may decide to run for the county line. Or STATE line. Eddie Holbrook too.

Also, for your reading pleasure, there are a gazillion instances of mismanagement on the Board of Commissioners that we will soon be providing to you. For a start: the $1,000,000 County tax-dollar check, as well as a list of county checks through 2017 and a “mystery check for $377,346.70 for 2018 to Eddie Holbrook’s ALWS Baseball is included below. Also note that I have another county document that shows the $1 Million check was a grant funded by CHS (Carolina Healthcare Systems) through the county. No explanation of how the County paid Millions of Dollars of Tax Payer dollars to ALWS has been provided. We will ask again for that.

If you don’t believe me or your own two eyes, don’t call me. I don’t have time to educate you like CCS should have done. But don’t worry. There is more to come that will knock your sox off.

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Poor old Shelby… She’s circling the drain. Poor leadership. No good jobs. Declining population. What will change the direction we are heading?