Robert Williams invited to Tour Animal Services, Meet “Community Cat” Team!! One County Agency that knows how to get-er-done!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Immediately after my last article titled “Testimonial of Robert A. Williams regarding the Cleveland County Community Cat Program” I received an immediate response from Holly Wall, Coordinator of Health Services, that states as follows as follows:

Mr. Williams,

Thank you for your kind words. I would love the opportunity to give you a tour of animal services and to meet our team, if you are interested.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Have a nice day,


Holly D. Wall, CHES
Coordinator of Health Services
Cleveland County Animal Services
1601 Airport Road
Shelby, North Carolina 28150

This is my reply to Holly Wall’s message and invitation for a tour of Animal; Services and to meet the TEAM!!! (Emphasis on TEAM.)

My words were just factual. I am glad that you considered them “kind.” Nineteen spayed, neutered and vaccinated cats will certainly reduce, over time, the feral cat population in Fallston. Similar work elsewhere will certainly resolve the problem over all of Cleveland County. And should be supported by the Cleveland County Commissioners and many others.
I would be glad to accept your offer to tour animal services and meet your team. My son, who worked with your Tyler Moore to release the kittens that were too young for the intended procedures that had inadvertently entered the traps, and to reset the traps, would also like to come along.
Also, I would suggest you invite the Cleveland County Commissioners and County Manager to also attend this tour. From my observations of county business, it is rare to see such a good example as you and your team have set in developing goals and measures for your Community Cat Program as well as setting-up common sense and effective methods for achieving your goals. All for the purpose of silently serving the people of Cleveland County to resolve the exponential growth of the feral cat population.
As I recall, in the “dark ages” of animal control, cats were collected and shot at the original county owned shooting range at the landfill. Then cats were gassed under inhumane conditions. Then county ordinances were promulgated by the commissioners to levy heavy fines on citizens like me who would dare feed hungry cats. That failed idea was quashed by the very large turnout of protesting citizens at a county commissioners meeting and helped Commissioner Deb Hardin win in the 2018 Elections. And now your team has implemented services that will resolve the cat population problem as it should have been handled in the very first place. In an open and honest way that makes good sense to everybody.
County leadership, in my opinion, needs to get a first-hand look at what actually works to resolve designated and defined problems in Cleveland County and what it takes to actually fix such problems. This Community Cat Program is a perfect example of finding a problem and fixing it. The basic concept of what industry calls “The Continuous Improvement Program.” No tall tales about marginal to no success in a program that will only instill ridicule and mistrust amongst citizens of county leaders. Just finding problems and fixing them. The Commissioners and Managers need to meet the team that has pulled off this fine accomplishment.
Let me know tentative times, dates and where you would like to conduct this tour that suit your schedule and I will get back to you.
Robert A. Williams

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