Robert A. Williams Attacked for “Racist” (to White people) Articles About a Black man allegedly killing a White Police Officer!! In Inflammatory Circumstances!!! And a Divisive Prosecution!!! Provocative Message forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This is the third message I have received regarding the articles I have written to date regarding the extremely long imprisonment without trial of the alleged cop-killer Irving Lucien Fenner, Jr. in the shooting death of Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen. The first two messages written by Andy Dedmon and Wayne King, both members of the Political Smackdown Show cast, attacked me- ad hominem style-because they were friends of the Brackeen family. This third message shown below, when taken literally attacks my brand of journalism as racist and a “betrayal of my white brothers and sisters as well as “disruptive” to Cleveland County. It is a provocative message. But I will assure all readers, red and yellow, black and white, that what I am looking for in this Capital Murder trial of Irving Lucien Fenner, Jr. is the truth of the matter and whatever justice that is meted out is based on that truth. Whatever that truth may be.

This is the message I received today, Exactly as written. YOU be the judge of my journalistic intentions. As well as the validity of the attacks on me that are made directly on me and indirectly on others-black and white. There is a lot to think about.

Mr. Robert Williams,
You have stooped about as low as anybody can in journalism. Writing about a white police officer killed by a black man in such a way as to suggest that the murdered officer was anything less than perfect? What? That’s a hit below the belt. Many of us white people are outraged. You’ve betrayed your white brothers and sisters by suggesting that the nigger is not guilty. You are also foolishly giving black people something to think and talk about. It’s bad enough that they are talking about this stuff in the barbershops and beauty shops around town. We want them to stay quiet and tame and trusting of us–like the ones they call coons convince them to do.
To make matters worse you wrote about the District Attorney. Once that nigger shot and killed a police officer the DA is trained to seek the death penalty. It didn’t matter that there was no investigation. You know that in a case like this, it is protocol to publicly announce the death penalty. It is standard, as you know, to lock up blacks, set a high bail (or no bail) and let them sit there until they “confess.” It is called “flipping.” In most cases it works, because the average person would take a plea deal any day as opposed to the death penalty. Please do not blame the District Attorney; he is only doing what he was trained to do.
Mr. Williams, to suggest that a decorated police officer may have been involved in a love triangle involving two niggers and a white man is disruptive to the harmony of Cleveland County. You are an embarrassment to white families, a predominately white police department, and the white community. Even if the rumors of a love triangle are true, even if there are extenuating circumstances, one thing stands out above all: a nigger killed a white police officer.
Sincerely Yours,
Reverend Dante Murphy—in whiteface.

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