Rev. Dante Murphy and Clyde Edgerton Respond to Jasmine Bell Part II of a Dialogue Experiment!! Comments by Dante Murphy and Clyde Edgerton–Published by Robert A. Williams

Clyde Edgerton Responds:
Reverend Murphy understands that there are people of all colors who work together to fight the systemic causes of racism—to fight racial injustice. Many are willing to talk the walk but not willing to walk the walk. Reverend Murphy walks the walk, daily. Many are willing to talk racial reconciliation but not live daily for racial justice. Reverend Murphy understands that there can be no racial reconciliation without racial justice. His steadfast determinism, his principled stands against a sometimes cheap and fake peace between the races should be applauded by all people who hold high the precious memory of Martin Luther King and all the other leaders and followers in the civil rights movement. Reverend Murphy does not sit one day and stand the next. You cannot sit when you are walking the walk. Additionally, the spirit of justice should reside in in every county of every state in this country. You didn’t have to live in Selma to speak for justice in Selma. You don’t have to live in Shelby to speak for justice in Shelby.

Rev. Dante Murphy’s Responds to Jasmine Bell-May 6, 2019
Jasmine Bell is to be commended for the response to my statements as that is what free speech in America is all about. A few observations: 1) With the amount of social media at our disposal there are so many missed opportunities for persons to speak out for and against issues that are important in our society. 2) J. B. brings to light an historic dilemma among the African American community and the plight for justice and equality; that is, the late Dr. King expressed in his famous writing “Letter from Birmingham Jail” that pastors throughout the nation were divided on how to proceed in the fight for justice and equality. Some believed that King should “leave well enough alone” and not make things hard for those African Americans that had excelled into prominent positions. The once unified Baptist Denomination split over this issue as a result of the tensions among African American leaders. 3) I am tempted to respond to “frivolous lawsuits” but do not quite understand the term as it is used in the statements by J. B. Filing frivolous lawsuits poses penalties against both lawyers and petitioners who engage in such acts. Neither I or my attorneys have ever been reprimanded for such acts. It is also worth noting that frivolous and unmeritorious lawsuits are dismissed by the courts. I have both filed and encouraged others to file lawsuits when they have been wronged. In most situations persons either lack the resources (money) or they are flat out scared. “The jury box or the ballot box” is my motto for real change.

Lastly, whatever work I choose to engage in as a civil rights activist will never compare to what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. accomplished and the ultimate sacrifice he made. It is only my intent to continue what I believe to be a good fight and encourage others who are not afraid and have the guts to do so one way or the other. Thanks J. B. for your bravery.

Jasmine Bells Speaks Out–comment on May 6, regarding Rev. Dante Murphy’s statements:
As an African American and member of the local faith community it’s sad that a pastor would place two groups of people in a box and say that they should be disgraced for not standing behind Mr. Green. There is a local athletic group in Cleveland County, Kings Mountain specifically that has had the support of the community to build a facility and have made great strides over the years to have fund raisers and community donations to purchase land and move forward. This project will actually benefit the community and no one individual will reap the benefits.

If anyone should be disgraced it’s the writer of this article for attempting to assassinate the characters of Mr. Anthony, Mr. Webber, and Mr. Holbrook in this dramatic written piece. The writer of this article doesn’t even reside in the county yet continuously has negative commentary and ongoing filings of frivolous lawsuits in Cleveland and New Hanover counties. Perhaps the writer should look at his own actions as they don’t currently stand nor in the past-have they stood for what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights icons spoke about.

Rev. Dante Murphy’s Original Statements:
Mayor Stan Anthony and Rev. Charles Webber recently met with the Cleveland County NAACP. This reminds me of the appearances Mr. Eddie H. (Holbrook) used to make around election time to smooth the black community over to gain support. Blacks and minorities should be outraged when pastors and community leaders allow such exploitation. It is bad enough to remain silent, but a pure embarrassment to be used in such a vicious way.

NAACP members should have demanded an explanation of the pending lawsuit involving discrimination and defamation charges against city (actually against Mr. Willie Green). For a former NFL professional football player to go through a lawsuit without the support of the faith community and civil rights organizations is a pure disgrace to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights icons.

Any interested person is welcome to provide their input into this dialogue. Thanks for your interest and especially for your participation.

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