RE: Putting Cleveland County Waste and corruption in perspective Jasmine Bell Speaks Out–Asks good questions about children riding in speeding Patrol Cars!! Law Enforcement Requested to Respond!! Commissioners, Sheriff, Shelby City Council and SPD too. Comment and questions forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Comments and good questions from Jasmine Bell on June 18, 2019

Good evening Mr. Williams I wanted to bring something to your attention that could potentially be disastrous for the community.

Today, June 18 at 3pm Mark Wampler fully dressed in his uniform and in his City of Shelby police car was observed picking up his daughters from a camp uptown Shelby not even a mile from the station. The two girls had to sit in the back seat as if they were common criminals because it was a car with the bars. How is this legal?

Once he turned right onto Dekalb St he floored it as if he was in some type of pursuit. Had he been involved in a car wreck, whose financially responsible for those girls sitting in the back seat. Would that fallback on the city? By the way his wife is Jennifer Wampler, is this another perk of the good old boy system. If this is legal with the city of Shelby I’d love to know if they have to sign some type of waiver not making the city liable if something were to happen? With today’s current events and things happening to police officers one would think an officer/parent would make better decisions.

Editor’s Note: This report and inquiry has been forwarded to the Cleveland County Commissioners, The Sheriff and Shelby Police Department Chief Jeff Ledford. As will as to the Shelby Mayor, Shelby City Manager and Shelby City Council. It is expected that they respond as all of Cleveland County wants to know the answer to these questions. All responses (or lack thereof) will be reported to the citizens.

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Bill Gray

Thank you Jasmine for reporting this incident. I have been there and done that. First off I would like to say that my experiences with Chief Ledford has been cordial and fair. This post takes me back to the first time I went to share a concern, one that I still have. One of the things that I just can’t get my head around , is the turn out of officers for what I perceive to be a event that a couple of trained officers should be able to handle, not a 10 care wreck. It is very important what… Read more »