Prison!!, Prison!!, Who’s going to Prison??? Corruption is about to go on Trial for some so-called leaders in Cleveland County!!! Not “If,” but “When!!!” AND how many?? Report, arguendo, gossip and facts by Robert A. Williams

Folks, Read this article, pay attention and decide for yourselves what is fact and what is fiction on the news swirling around Cleveland County. The reason is simple. YOU may end up serving on a State or Federal Grand Jury or Criminal Court Jury deciding the guilt or innocence of those accused of crimes regarding the corrupt and illegal misuses of political offices by elected officials and their minions that enable them to do their dirty deeds. YOU may even know some or even many of them. It may be YOU who helps “make Crooked places straight” for all us citizens in Cleveland County and thereabouts.

Last weekend all the big media across North Carolina were reporting about the 13 Democrat State Representatives who signed a letter urging NC Attorney Josh Stein to launch a major investigation into potential corrupt, illegal and certainly with the appearance of unethical behavior of those associated with Former Cleveland County Commissioner Eddie Holbrook, County Manager Brian Epley, County, County Attorney Tim Moore and others in regard to the seemingly illegal conflicts of interest swirling around the Catawba Casino project set to begin near Kings Mountain. My thoughts were that such an investigation would surely spill over into, and include, the obvious corruption and illegal political shenanigans that are closely related to The Commissioners, Including Holbrook, Epley, Moore and others involvement with Holbrook’s’ American Legion World Series, Baseball, Inc. that has secretly drained $5+million of taxpayers money out of the County Commissioners General Funds. Plus, the Million Dollar Bribe in 2013. The Shooting Range and more. It goes on and on.

And talking about “on and on”-none of this corruption is new. I have been writing about and reporting this for years and years. In fact, I have a handful of articles started right now about these very same incidents of corruption and others that I have temporarily put on hold as I have began searching my archives for information that I will turn over to the called for criminal investigation. I foresee a similar ending to this Casino and ALWS corruption as was described in my most recent article about the investigations, prosecutions, Criminal Court Federal Trials and imprisonments of many highest-level officials in the Buncombe County (Asheville) Manager’s office. Go back and read that article which happens to be the biggest example of “Deja’ vu” that I have published in a long time.

Folks, stay tuned. This is what I am working on right now and it will take a little more time. That plus the other articles that I have on “temporary hold.” It is pretty much a fact that Cleveland County is a “Crooked Place” and some people are likely to go to prison on account of their transgressions.

In the meantime, think about this. Just like Buncombe County’s “Straightening out,” this is what is likely to happen here in Cleveland County:

1. The FBI will likely be called in as the NC Attorney General Josh Stein, himself, has to date, refused to investigate and prosecute corruption in Cleveland County government.
2. The FBI has extreme power to subpoena witnesses, bank records, etc. and break down the doors of those who refuse to cooperate.
3. The FBI can and will choose vulnerable criminal associates, put the pressure on them and squeeze them until they spill the beans on others involved.
4. Then the FBI will continue the squeeze until they have the evidence to prosecute the whole bunch and send them to prison.

My prediction is the FBI will end up with this investigation, the powers to be in Washington, DC -another “Crooked Place-” will be interested in turning the US Senate Seat, vacated by Republican Richard Burr’s retirement, Democrat. And thusly ripe for the prosecution of Tim Moore and his associates. Which includes Eddie Holbrook, Brian Epley, Johnny Hutchins, Ronnie Whetstine, Susan Allen, Jason Falls, Robert “Luke” Queen, Dr. Rev. Lamont Littlejohn and others. If I were them, I would be getting my affairs in order as a long prison term may be instore for them. Unless they start “spilling the beans” right now to any law enforcement agency that will listen.

It’s about time!!! Let it all happen soon!! When Cleveland County is all straightened out, I can retire from my eagle-eyed reporting of government corruption hobby. And take up fishing, maybe.

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