Previous Article (Nazi Tactics by DSS) has “Lit a fire” regarding DSS’s Lack of Accountability!!! –Update forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This enclosed email message is an update for the previous article regarding the illegal and abusive acts and total lack of accountability of the Cleveland County DSS and the County Commissioners. Stay tuned for more information and information as it comes in for this case and others. As one wise man once said “the buck, ballot, and boycott has the power to bring about change. I would also mention the power of the press, although that doesn’t include the Shelby Star.

Hi Mr. Williams, hope all is well with you~

An update to our DSS-APS (Adult Protective Services) situation.

After speaking with LeShana Baldwin this morning who is a coordinator of Aging and Adult Services who was assigned to investigate our complaint-

LeShana informed me that at the last minute without warning, (CCDSS) was removed from the case and replaced with a someone who is not assigned to Cleveland County. I also learned that the replacement for LeShana was in Shelby at the time I phoned for updates this morning- immediately after hanging up with LeShana, my son called me We had our 2nd “supervised” phone call today.

I learned that my son was given a T.B. skin prick that is STRICTLY AGAINST our spiritual and medical beliefs.

I learned that another male resident of the facility wrestled with the caregiver on duty twice since my son has been there, the resident was able to get a knife and threaten the caregiver causing the caregiver to lock herself in the kitchen. My son who was adjudicated incompetent went to get help from a nearby trailer where allegedly another staff member lives.

~There are NO activities for the residents to do daily, there are no organized activities, NO internet access and very little to no suitable foods for their daily meals-

~My son expressed concern about not being able to speak to his family again : he expressed that Shelly Snyder ‘looked upset’ when we started the phone call. ; my son is still confused and uncomfortable due to the knife wielding incident and the unknown male that accompanied Shelley Snyder to the 2nd ‘supervised call’.

~My son is clearly ready to be returned home and still a bit scared, bored and lonely. DSS/APS is using stall tactics and deflection to delay taking ownership of their blatant violations against my son’s & my Constitutional and families rights.

~Shelley Snyder clearly has major control issues as she interrupted the conversation between my son and I three times as my son, his aunt and myself discussed the ‘competency’ piece of the situation where they clearly stated in the MOH document that James was unable to comprehend/identify if he was in danger when clearly he was the only one in the facility who knew what to do.

The call ended with Shelley Snyder stating that we could arrange a ‘face to face’ visit. I thought this would be interesting to share with you- looks as if we have lit a fire of accountability on this one- I will not let up until they turn this around and take ownership of their own demented acts.

Best Regards, we will be in touch

Angie George

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