President Donald Trump comes to Charlotte to meet Willie Green!!! At “Opportunity Zone” Meeting!!! Mr. Green Invites President Trump to Shelby for the “Ribbon Cutting” of Mr. Green’s Sports Complex!!! When Construction Begins!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

If you have watched Charlotte TV News lately, you would know that President Donald Trump came to Charlotte this past Friday to attend and address a Meeting regarding “Opportunity Zones” held at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC.

And guess who from Cleveland County received a special front row VIP Invitation from President Trump??? If you guessed the only “black” businessman of in Cleveland County, Mr. Willie Green, with property in an “Opportunity Zone,” you are right. If you guessed the only “black” businessman of such stature, Mr. Willie Green, you are right again. If you guessed the “black” businessman who has had so much trouble with the Shelby Mayor, Shelby City Council and the Cleveland County Commissioners, Mr. Willie Green, you win the prize three times in a row.

Oh, there were also a lot of politicians from, or representing Cleveland County present. Commissioners Deb Hardin, Doug Bridges and Ronnie Whetstine were there, Tim Moore, Kelly Hastings, Patrick McHenry, Thom Tillis and Betsy Harnage. Tanzy Wallace and her husband were also there. But the only businessman; black or white, from Cleveland County, that I can confirm, was Mr. Willie Green. And Mr. Green didn’t just show up. Mr. Willie Green had a special VIP Invitation from President Trump and his staff. A VIP ticket to set up front, right next to the Secret Service. And an invitation to go backstage with some “one-on-one time” with some of President Trump’s people to discuss business opportunities in Cleveland County with Mr. Willie Green. And, apparently ONLY Mr. Willie Green from Cleveland County!

Although Mr. Green is not free to discuss the details of his conversations with President Trump’s “ground-game” Opportunity Zone people, Mr. Green reported that he had extended an invitation to President Trump to “Cut the Ribbon” at Mr. Green’s Sports Complex ground-breaking ceremony when the construction is about to begin. What a coup for Shelby, Cleveland County and North Carolina when this happens. Perhaps President Trump will also bring his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka to accompany him to the ceremony. A Big National News story for sure.

Mr. Willie Green, a Republican, also told me that he was in wonder at why so many members of the black community were in lockstep with the Democrat Party. Mr. Green opined, what have the Democrats done for black people? The Democrats just use and abuse the black community and then expect black voters to support the white Democrat candidates come Election time. Mr. Green went on to state that all he gets from the Democrats running the City of Shelby and the School Board is opposition to everything he is trying to do to “give back” to the community. From sending kids to college to helping break the poverty cycle that includes drugs and crime and incarceration. Even turning down Mr. Green’s offer to purchase the old North Shelby School at a much better price than the School Board approved without even discussing his proposal-at Four times the value. Of course, I had no answer for Mr. Green. I often wonder the very same thing.

Also, see below some pictures taken at the event by Betsy Harnage, the Cleveland County Register of Deeds.

The Picture with the Arrow pointing at a person up front is Mr. Green, standing up front talking to some people. Sen. Ted Alexander can also be seen in the left foreground. See if you recognize anybody in the other picture.

2 comments for “President Donald Trump comes to Charlotte to meet Willie Green!!! At “Opportunity Zone” Meeting!!! Mr. Green Invites President Trump to Shelby for the “Ribbon Cutting” of Mr. Green’s Sports Complex!!! When Construction Begins!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

  1. Robert A Williams
    February 10, 2020 at 3:39 pm

    From Bill Gray:


    I just don’t understand why folks can’t see thru this charade.

    The people most interested in this are the people wearing the green tinted glasses. Just look at the puzzle. People’s homes are being torn down. The property this house sat on just became an opportunity zone for the city. Where is the opportunity for the Citizen that needed that roof. Have you ever seen pictures of families during the depression. We have similar families, right here in Cleveland County. The number of these families is growing. This picture also includes many of our elderly.

    I believe Mr. Green understands the true intent of what the Opportunity Zone was sold as. He is trying to help all of Cleveland County and especially these folks in the picture. I see Mr. Green as a People builder not a Metropolis builder. Thank you Mr. Green.

    “Opportunity Zones were created under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to stimulate economic development and job creation, by incentivizing long-term investments in low-income neighborhoods.”

    Click on the links below for additional information:

  2. Anonymous
    February 11, 2020 at 7:47 pm

    It’s a money grubbing scheme designed for crooks and charlatans…Mark my words.

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