“Plantation Politics” Alive and Well in Cleveland County!!! With Commissioner Eddie Holbrook’s 2018 Disgrace and Defeat, Who will be the new “Massa” and who will be the new Uncle Toms??? Commentary by Robert A. Williams

5. Perhaps the “straw that broke the back” for Eddie Holbrook’s re-election strategy was the very large turnout of voters because of State and Federal elections. The Fake News at the National level were relentlessly predicting a Blue Tide of Democrat voters against President Donald Trump that caused a greater than “equal and opposite reaction” by Republican voters here in Cleveland County. A Red Tide of Republican registered voters that normally would have stayed home on election day. Voters that voted only for Republican candidates. Voters that may have only payed little to no attention to the do-nothing local Democrat or Republican establishments here in Cleveland County. Establishments who had grown lazy and incestuous while working the small crowds of single-issue “corn-pone” influenced partisan voters during these past several low-turnout elections. (Note: it was Mark Twain that said, show me where a man gets his “corn-pone” and I will show you where he gets his political opinions.
6. And then there were the 26,000 Cleveland County citizens who live in Cleveland County but work elsewhere to make a decent wage. I would bet that any of those voters that heard Eddie Holbrook’s foolish and false brags about how he had made Cleveland County Great Again for jobs would have voted for Doug Bridges and Deb Hardin. Anybody but Eddie Holbrook. Nothing negative about Doug and Deb here. They are the future of Cleveland County’s turnaround just as soon as they get some help on the Commissioner’s Board. Maybe Johnny Hutchins will open his eyes. The Appointment of Rev. Dante Murphy as the new DSS Director will shed some light on that. We are watching that closely. Too much corruption and cover-up at DSS for way-way too long. The right three commissioners can fix that immediately with the stroke of their pen. They can fix many other things too while they are at it.

Now, we have Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee Chairman Wes Westmoreland dissing Rev. Dante Murphy for the DSS Director position because Rev. Murphy has “associated himself with Robert A. Williams.” That association being Rev. Murphy has made comments on some of my articles as well as being the subject of some of my articles too.

I would say to Wes Westmoreland, that YOU, Wes Westmoreland, have the same opportunity as Rev. Dante Murphy or anyone else to comment on my articles and also to submit materials of your very own. And, why don’t you? You have been on the CCC BoT Board, much as chairman, during all of the recent scandals, sexual and otherwise, at CCC. You also know that I was probably the very first person in Cleveland County to advocate for the hiring of Dr. Jason Hurst as the new President of CCC and here Dr. Hurst is. President at CCC and doing an exceptional job. Still lots of work to be done, like settling with those that were done wrong by CCC during the “dark times” before Dr. Hurst, but that discussion is for another day.

As Dr. Hurst has not made comments regarding my articles, nor any other CCC BoT member, I have to wonder whether your ad hominem attacks against Rev. Murphy and myself are based on your unexplained dislike for me and what I do, or just another example of old time Cleveland County plantation politics against the hiring of Rev. Murphy as the DSS Director. A job Rev. Murphy is well qualified for and in a position where his attributes of transparency, fairness, accountability and well-honed sense of right and wrong are sorely needed at this agency that has been roque for so long. And I mean “rogue” in a very bad way. They falsify records. They have weaponized the powers of secrecy at DSS as well as the authority to access just about every kind of personal record from other government agencies that can be used, misused and abused against a person. Any person. And they do so on a regular basis. Just like Dr. Jason Hurst was the right person at the right time for CCC; Rev. Dante Murphy is the right person at the right time for the Cleveland County Department of Social Services. And Wes Westmoreland knows it.

So, Wes Westmoreland must be “defaulting” to the ways of plantation politics; good-ole-boy, shit slinging, ad hominem attacking Cleveland County style all the way. Who just got caught with his pants down. And has nothing to say-except behind closed doors.

But Williams, Wes Westmoreland has nothing to do with the DSS Board or DSS Director’s job, you might say.

I would answer that by saying that is how the “Massa System” works in Cleveland County. There is not just one BIG MASSA person anymore, just a bunch of little massa wanabes elbowing for position at the Big Massa table. Kinda like the old Executive Round Table who brought the failed school merger to fruition. I call it “failed” because it has dumbed down our students and wasted tons of money. But “wasted” money gets picked up somewhere by somebody. Usually by the Massa. Remember that thought folks. Especially when the scandal breaks about the Commissioners secretly defrauding Millions of dollars from the taxpayers to fund the American Legion World Series Baseball, Inc. Eddie Holbrook’s invention to do bad things.

No, it appears Wes Westmoreland just wants a place at the Massa Table and thinks his busy-body input to others is the way to get there. And his dissing of Rev. Dante Murphy and me is just one of those ways. Just a way to fit in. Looking for full Massa status.

Of course Wes Westmoreland has the right to state his case and we will give him the opportunity. And he will likely get grilled a bit in the process. It is a different time going forward and the old Shelby “Whispering Campaigns” just don’t work anymore. Neither does the Massa system of Plantation style political corruption. I believe the 2020 Elections will prove that.

Wes Westmoreland, let’s hear from you. What is your real reason for dissing Rev. Dante Murphy??? Is it different from what is stated above?? Otherwise perhaps you should resign from the CCC BoT and concentrate on running the Pinnacle Classical Academy-where you certainly appear to be doing a good job. With good help!

PS: Folks, if there are no Uncle Toms, can there be any Massa’s??? Think about that.

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Rev. Dante A. Murphy
1 year ago

I do not know the validity concerning rumors that former Commissioner Holbrook will run for an elected office. I am quite surprised that he would consider any run in politics after such a disappointing defeat in the last election. His exploitation of blacks in the community, manipulation and control of county government, and threats of filing a lawsuit against you [Robert Williams] for exercising free speech were just a few of the despicable acts by an elected official. If the rumors are true, Eddie Holbrook has a tremendous amount of “making up” to do in his efforts to win back the trust of all citizens impacted by his tenure as an elected official. His failure alone to adequately respond to my request to investigate DSS Director Karen Ellis (Pritchard) and her staff for illegal acts is enough evidence that his tenure was surrounded by corruption corrupt. Ironically, if he was to successfully run for city council he is going to be faced with a similar situation in Green v. City of Shelby and Rick Howell. I suggest Eddie Holbrook and those willing to risk their reputations on him begin to publicly speak out against the ill advised actions of Rick Howell and those trying to justify his actions including, but not limited to, Mayor Stan Anthony, council members, and the city’s well-paid outside attorneys.

Additionally, Eddie Holbrook is on record as having made the statement that I [Rev. Dante Murphy] was an “unsavory” person for having sued and settled a discrimination case against Cleveland County. He was suggesting that any person willing to do business in Cleveland County would suffer consequences if associated with me. It appears that a similar theme has surfaced since I submitted an application to become the next Director of Cleveland County DSS. The people of Cleveland County should be reminded that a person does not surrender their constitutional rights in exchange for employment. Secondly, no American citizen should be retaliated against based on who they associate with as long as their association stays free of illegal activity. And lastly, it is my hope that whatever government entity or person responsible for hiring a new Director is doing so in the best interest of the citizens rather than shopping for a another employee that continues to uphold a corrupt system.