“Plantation Politics” Alive and Well in Cleveland County!!! With Commissioner Eddie Holbrook’s 2018 Disgrace and Defeat, Who will be the new “Massa” and who will be the new Uncle Toms??? Commentary by Robert A. Williams

Interesting “rumors” are floating around Cleveland County that “Massa” Eddie Holbrook is switching to Republican and running for Commissioner again in 2020. More recent rumors are going around that “Massa” Eddie is going to run for the Shelby City Council, Ward 2 this year. All the while, these facts are clear; certain “white” political operatives are meeting with certain “blacks” for purposes not owned-up to. To me that means only one thing. “Plantation Politics” are alive and well in Cleveland County. The “whites” are trying out for the role of the new “Massa” and they are interviewing perceived black “leaders” in search of a new group of “Uncle Toms.”

Some would say that statement is untrue and racist. I would say it is just a fact. A fact that dates back 150 years in Cleveland County politics. And counting.

But, let’s be a little more specific.

Just what do I mean by “Plantation Politics” and “Massa” and “Uncle Tom?” In Cleveland County and at this time it refers to the notion that the ”upper-class” white politicians, the “Massa” of the plantation prefer to believe that all African-Americans fit into one political viewpoint, generally characterized as Democrat. If Blacks all think the same, as democrats politically; then the leadership of the white politicians, Republican and Democrat alike, can regard all the Blacks community as a monolithic voting block. That makes things a lot easier to strategize and manipulate than if the Black community is seen as a whole spectrum of political “persuasions.”

Then, there is a search by the Massa’s for any politically-aware, corruptible, Black Community “leader” who the Massa’s believe they can control, manipulate and also can keep Black voters “on the plantation.” An important facet here is that the “plantation” is an accurate description of an actual “plantation” of old because it uses Black voters to serve the interests of the white establishment Massa’s and not the best interests of the Black Community themselves. And when the Massa’s find this Uncle Tom person or persons, they reward him with trinkets. A little pat on the back of sorts. Never anything of consequence. But always a sell-out to his community-black and white in Cleveland County today.

Editor’s Note: The “Uncle Tom” character is from Uncle Tom’s Cabin. an 1852 incendiary novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe-the best-selling novel of the 19th Century that some say brought about the Civil War. If you are not familiar with this book, you have not been properly educated by the Cleveland County Schools, only indoctrinated by revisionist history. Kinda like none of this ever happened. A secret history that nobody is ever told about. That is another story for another article on another day. It is, however, a piece of this puzzle.

For the 2018 Elections, Massa Eddie Holbrook had his “Mo-jo” broken for many reasons:
1. He was exposed as a “Massa.” And his MO in utilizing his Plantation Politics was all too clear and obvious for anyone to deny.
2. There were two black candidates, Chris Gash and Todd McIntosh, opposing Holbrook in the 2018 Democrat Commissioner Primary Elections in a three-man race for two Commissioner offices. With black voters making up 40% of the Democrat voters, Holbrook had to push his Uncle Toms to the point of obviously deserting one black candidate so that Eddie Holbrook could capture one of those two black votes available to win one of the top two Democrat positions to win.
3. Parallel to item 2 above, the lower class “white” voters, who still remain Democrat after the mainstream Democrat ideas and ideals have deserted them long ago, make up a large part of the remaining 60% of the registered Democrat voters. They are not associated with black churches and, with the textile related “Massa’s” that are now long gone, they are still on the plantation too, along with the “darkies”-but need some different manipulations. A different message. Perhaps I should just spit it out-a different “pack” of lies. That pack being filled with one set of cards. Race Cards. Playing the race card on the white democrats and unaffiliated voters who will vote in the Democrat Primary Election. Holbrook’s race card message for the white democrat and unaffiliated voters was simple. Single shot vote for Eddie Holbrook being the battle cry. Leaving blank the vote for the other Democrats-Chris Gash and Todd McIntosh. Using the two strategies of items 2 And 3, Holbrook came in second in that democrat primary so he could advance to the General Election in November. Plantation Politics worked well for Massa Eddie Holbrook in the Democrat Primary. The General Elections would require different strategies.
4. The RINOs. Republicans in name only. Once Massa Eddie clears the Democrat Primary by the skin of his teeth, all mixtures of political parties and persuasions get to vote in the November General Elections. Now Democrat candidates Eddie Holbrook and Chris Gash face off with two Republican candidates-Doug Bridges and Deb Hardin. About this time Republican Willie Green gathers enough signatures to run as a “Write-In Candidate” for Commissioner but soon withdraws due to a potential conflict of interest. Commissioner Holbrook ends his secret deal with black candidate Chris Gash after they had worked together to eliminate black candidate Todd McIntosh in the Democrat primary. One of the many faces of Eddie Holbrook to his Uncle Toms who were “scalded” in the black community for supporting Eddie Holbrook to begin with. Holbrook had effectively “burned his bridges” with the black community, but was too stupid to realize it. Holbrook was now looking to the RINOs to save him. And it partly worked too as the Shelby TEA Party endorsed Eddie Holbrook, only to have themselves scalded too after the election results left them bare for all to see the collusion.

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1 comment for ““Plantation Politics” Alive and Well in Cleveland County!!! With Commissioner Eddie Holbrook’s 2018 Disgrace and Defeat, Who will be the new “Massa” and who will be the new Uncle Toms??? Commentary by Robert A. Williams

  1. Rev. Dante A. Murphy
    March 12, 2019 at 10:54 am

    I do not know the validity concerning rumors that former Commissioner Holbrook will run for an elected office. I am quite surprised that he would consider any run in politics after such a disappointing defeat in the last election. His exploitation of blacks in the community, manipulation and control of county government, and threats of filing a lawsuit against you [Robert Williams] for exercising free speech were just a few of the despicable acts by an elected official. If the rumors are true, Eddie Holbrook has a tremendous amount of “making up” to do in his efforts to win back the trust of all citizens impacted by his tenure as an elected official. His failure alone to adequately respond to my request to investigate DSS Director Karen Ellis (Pritchard) and her staff for illegal acts is enough evidence that his tenure was surrounded by corruption corrupt. Ironically, if he was to successfully run for city council he is going to be faced with a similar situation in Green v. City of Shelby and Rick Howell. I suggest Eddie Holbrook and those willing to risk their reputations on him begin to publicly speak out against the ill advised actions of Rick Howell and those trying to justify his actions including, but not limited to, Mayor Stan Anthony, council members, and the city’s well-paid outside attorneys.

    Additionally, Eddie Holbrook is on record as having made the statement that I [Rev. Dante Murphy] was an “unsavory” person for having sued and settled a discrimination case against Cleveland County. He was suggesting that any person willing to do business in Cleveland County would suffer consequences if associated with me. It appears that a similar theme has surfaced since I submitted an application to become the next Director of Cleveland County DSS. The people of Cleveland County should be reminded that a person does not surrender their constitutional rights in exchange for employment. Secondly, no American citizen should be retaliated against based on who they associate with as long as their association stays free of illegal activity. And lastly, it is my hope that whatever government entity or person responsible for hiring a new Director is doing so in the best interest of the citizens rather than shopping for a another employee that continues to uphold a corrupt system.

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