Part III: Shocking News-Tim Brackeen Murder Trial in September-WeRCC, ALWS and New Jail Correspondence provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: As you will see in this article, ti appears as though people in Shelby are blaming me for the horrible death and tragedy of Shelby Police Department Officer Tim Brackeen and the hurt of his family and friends. Of course I see it for what it is. A learned behavior by many in Cleveland County to attack the messenger bearing bad news instead of adequately reacting, understanding, and dealing appropriately with the significance of the message.

But, facts are facts. And it is a fact that, as I stated in my original article, the talk around the Courthouse, law enforcement and other places is as my original article stated. Which is serious stuff and deserves attention. And the so-called “cop killer” has been locked up in jail for three years and it is time for a Court trial, a fair and honest court trial, where the truth will come out and where justice is served. Either by execution, imprisonment or acquittal.

Folks, impress upon your District Attorney, Mike Miller, to do his job and do it now. And continue reading my articles about the other injustices coming out of the Cleveland County Courthouse that need fixing.

The message below was provided by Wayne King, a former President of the Cleveland County Republican Party, a member of the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees, a member of the Political Smackdown team and an important Aide to a Conservative US Congressman. My reply is also included below and speaks for itself.

From: Wayne King September 7, 2019

To: Robert A. Williams


Please delete me from these emails and any future emails on my personal email account. I’m appalled that you would stoop to such a level. The Brackeen family are personal friends of mine and I find it truly disturbing you would circulate such vile rumors.
Wayne King

From: Robert A. Williams August 7, 2019

To: Wayne King

Wayne, All,

I will NOT delete you or any others from my email distribution. This is an item of high public interest/concern and deserves to be looked into. You are also involved with Political Smackdown and may, in some way, voice your opinion in this matter to the public. If you have a better email address, I will change that.

Whether or not you chose to read my articles is up to you. But, you will not be able to say you were not informed of this issue.

Also, I have a Part II of this article and many more articles coming soon regarding major injustices in the Cleveland County “Justice” system. There is a murder trial that will be tried sometime in the near future. The truth of the matter will most likely come out then. One way or another. Be uninformed at your own risk.

And, you should know by now, that I take my sources seriously and protect their identity fiercely. In this case my sources would likely be subject to severe retribution but trusted me with the information in my article that he/she believes to be true and I believe might be. I went back and reviewed all the old news articles related to this situation before I decided to publish the article in question. And there are, in fact, parts of the story that support a self-defense claim by the accused that will likely be brought out in court.

Like I said before, this is a matter of high public interest and deserves being looked into. Remember, there is a real live person locked up in jail for three years facing the death penalty. I have no use for Irving Fenner, Jr. But an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. You either get that or you don’t.


Robert A. Williams

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