Part II: Shocking News-Tim Brackeen Murder Trial in September-WeRCC, ALWS and New Jail Correspondence provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: It is natural that the good name of Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen be honored for his good service to the City of Shelby and others. However, the previous report I published seems to indicate a situation that might be a critical part of the Court Trial defense of a person accused of murder. If Irving Fenner, Jr, is tried and convicted unfairly by information withheld by the District Attorney, this wound to our society may fester for years and years in the many mandatory hearings, appeals and such that always takes place when the death sentence is levied. If there is corruption in our legal system in Cleveland County, it will be found out in those years of litigation that will ultimately torture the Brackeen family forever. Justice must be done fairly and according to the rule of law. Anything else is just another tragedy that will be repeated over and over as long as those involved get away with it.

This message below was provided by Andy Dedmon, a former member of the NC House or Representatives. My reply is also included below and speaks for itself.

Hopefully all readers will prevail upon the Cleveland and Lincoln County District Attorney, Mike Miller, to try this case in September, 2019 in a fair and just manner, according to the rule of law. And in such a way that Cleveland County, Shelby, Law Enforcement everywhere and most of all the Brackeen family can reach a moment of healing in our society that is becoming more and more violent and corrupt it seems every day.

From: Andy Dedmon Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2019 10:16 AM

To: Robert A. Williams

Subject: RE: Shocking News-Tim Brackeen Murder Trial in September-WeRCC, ALWS and New Jail


This is so uncalled for it is stunning. Nothing good will come from this especially when the man can’t defend himself.

Please don’t publish this. (Regarding my original article-text added by editor for clarity)

My Reply to Andy

To: Andy Dedmon August 7, 2019

From: Robert A. Williams


What I find stunning is Cleveland County has 5 people locked up in jail for 3 years and counting, waiting for a “speedy trial” in this very same case. There are others in jail for years because the DA wants to force them into doing a plea deal for time served. Remember the woman who recently spent years in jail for the murder of her grandmother, only to be turned loose scot free on the very day of her scheduled trial?

What is stunning is the fact that this so called “gossip” has been circulating around law enforcement and lawyer circles for years before anyone told me about it.

I am glad you think this is uncalled for and stunning. I hope every citizen in Cleveland County reads this article and finds it stunning too. The solution is simple. Every citizen and voter should demand that the mess down at the Cleveland County Courthouse (and elsewhere) be cleaned up and justice be served. And stop attacking the messenger and attack the real problem. In this particular instance, if Irvin Fenner. Jr. had been tried two years ago, the truth would have come out then and this would all be over and done with by now.

But Cleveland County has this dirty little habit of sticking their heads in the sand to avoid hearing news they consider uncalled for. News they don’t want to get involved with. Like the county funding $millions to the American Legion World Series Baseball, Inc., (Eddie Holbrook’s crowd) and lying about it. Like the Penastar murder of Judith McMurray in 1992 with the suspect (Chris Brooks) charged twice and in jail for years, still without trial. The murder death of 2 1/2 year old Jodice Peeler 25 years ago with the murder trial thrown to cover-up for DSS. The false testimony and dirty tricks down at the Courthouse that cost Highway Patrolman Bryan Ledbetter his job. Former School Teacher Mindy Morrow being falsely convicted of stealing from Cleveland County Schools to cover-up a sex scandal at Shelby Middle School that Mindy had complained about (Ask Tim Quattlebaum). All these incidents and more will be the subject of articles to come.

Just remember that “an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.”

Perhaps you folks down at Political Smack-down should think about what you can do to help clean up Cleveland County-and rise above the attack the messenger MO.

Andy, thanks for your message. It shows that you care. I hope you and others will focus this caring into action to clean up the mess wherever it is found. And then I would have nothing else “stunning” or “uncalled for” to write about.

Robert A. Williams

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