Part II–City of Shelby to be Erased from Existence!!?? Corruption and Civil Rights Lawsuits pick it clean!! and rightly so!! More Comments to Report!! Report, comments and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

Part I of this article included comments from the person who has filed the latest Federal Lawsuit against the City of Shelby asking for support, as well as other comments. Watching Shelby’s MO, there are likely other lawsuits to follow. Reference a recent lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice against the Town of Wolcott, Conn.

Since that Part I articles, other good comments have come in that deserve to be published.

Dr. Shermaine Surratt has a special Biblical message for those that sit by and let bad things happen without doing anything. That message, as I see it, is that the Lord is watching YOU, me and everybody else. The Lord sees what we do and the Lord also sees what we DON’T do. Often, I believe, it is those things that we DON’T do that buys our Souls a one-way ticket to Hell and damnation.

From: Dr. Shermaine Surratt

To: Willie Green (And copied to me and many others)

Good Morning All Concerned and Unconcerned Christian Citizens

Re: Treatment of Willie Green and Others While The Lord Looks On……
II Timothy 4:14 KJV… Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works.

“I Fear The Lord” and I’m reminding each and every one of you that The Lord is watching you and your actions toward our brothers and sisters. 
Therefore, some people choose to believe that they’re not Alexander the coppersmith that did much evil to Paul?

Why did we found Paul telling The Lord how evil he had been treated-while also asking the Lord to reward him according to his works.

I’m being as candid as possible to the Christian’s who believe that the Lord hasn’t been watching your ever move, telephone call, email, mistreatment, and lack of accountability toward Willie Green and others.

Therefore, some think because the Lord has held back his judgement that you’re getting by ….
If I’ve learned anything the Lord is so gracious and merciful but will defend and reward the Alexander coppersmith’s according to their works.

No one is perfect but to think that The Judge of the Universe will continue to allow any of his children to be treated unfairly because you have the power and or authority in your hands as of now.

The time will come when our works will be Judged by the Judge of the Universe!

My prayer is Lord, Alexander the coppersmith did Willie Green and others much evil: Lord reward them according to their works. II Timothy 4:14 KJV.

Willie has shared with me elections are coming up and I believe that all registered voters should know All the Truth! I take Voting VERY SERIOUSLY! Those of you that know me – know that I don’t care what color you are I VOTE!

This Election coming up in Shelby, NC isn’t about Black or White but whose Right or Wrong for those Two Seats??? (I think there are three seats.)

Most Respectfully,
Dr Shermaine Surratt

Also, another comment from “Concerned Parents,”

Ms. Campbell,

Your willingness to speak publicly about your treatment is very important to the cause of decency and fairness in government. Administrative quietness and cover-up make up the tinted glass that hide administrative bullies. Your courage is a penetrating light. Thank you. May others follow your example. Please keep us posted regarding your case.

Concerned Parents and Citizens 2020
Clyde Edgerton

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