Part I: I Smell a Rat Down at the Courthouse!!! –Sheriff Sued, DA Won’t Prosecute, Judge Won’t Hold Court, DSS Won’t investigate in Report of Child Molestation!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This is the first of several articles regarding bad things happening down at the Courthouse that I have been accumulating for a long time regarding a large number and wide variety of cases. These cases involve jury intimidation, jury malfeasance, a convicted murderer being set free, a likely wrongful murder conviction resulting in execution, law enforcement officers getting preferential treatment, a law enforcement officer getting falsely accused and prosecuted while the real perp goes free, false prosecution(s) to cover up sex scandals at Cleveland County Schools and more.

This article is unusual as my source has consented for me to use his name. It involves several court cases where other names are including; making them all public information. I will not include the name of the juvenile who may have been sexually assaulted. This is a sad case and a sad situation for all involved. Made even worse by the folks down at the Courthouse trying to cover-up their own behinds by refusing to allow these court cases to see the light of day. Some reputations may be tarnished as well. My recommendation is for all to demand a court hearing on all the several cases involved and let the innocent clear their names.

I will start this article by naming everybody involved and the court case numbers, not in any specific order:

Sheriff Alan Norman-Suit filed late last week against Sheriff to provide investigative reports on allegations of possible child molestation. The Coroner may have to serve this lawsuit against the Sheriff. That is another story for another time. Sheriff Norman has also been appointed to the Board of Trustees at Cleveland Community College and has gotten himself tied up with their scandals and refusals to abide by the laws of North Carolina. We recommend Sheriff Norman resign from the CCC Board of Trustees and concentrate on his law enforcement duties at the Sheriff’s Department.

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