Old Saying: “It takes a Village to raise a Child!!!!” City of Shelby and CCS Schools FAIL at every Level!!! Five Teens Charged with Murder of Charlotte Man!!! Three Others Charged with Murder offered Plea Bargains!! Judges and District Attorney a big part of the problem!!! Report, analysis, evaluation and plain old truth told by Robert A. Williams

Just days ago, five African American young men kill a Charlotte Man in an apparent robbery attempt. Bask in the summer three young white men shoot into an occupied dwelling, killing a young white man and wounding another. All eight are charged with First-Degree Murder.

The black men are reported to be in jail with no bond and the white men have a bail set, but at a huge amount. At least one of the white men charged with Murder has been offered a plea bargain by the District Attorney’s Office.

Sources report two of the young black men attended Cleveland County School’s Turning Point Academy. The report was they “dropped out” last year, but I don’t rule out that “Last Year” was the end of school caused by the coronavirus back in March of this calendar year and has not started back up. Remember the controversy when “last year’s seniors were prevented from having traditional Graduation ceremonies back in May of this year. Somebody can call CCS and get the lowdown on that “fact.”

Also, sources report the five black men have all been involved in criminal activity since they were 12 years old.

And then there was the Shelby Star article published earlier this year that teen crime was exploding in the City of Shelby.

The thrust of this article is there are eight young Cleveland County men in jail charged with First-Degree Murder. And two dead young men. Teen crime is exploding in Shelby and NOBODY is doing anything about it.

Mr. Willie Green approached the City of Shelby several years ago with the idea that the “Sports Complex” called for in the City of Shelby’s Ten-Year Master Plan could be used to help alleviate the teen crime issue and made efforts to propose such a Sports Complex to the City of Shelby. But, since Mr. Green is Afro-American, racial discrimination and corruption, as well as apathy by the City of Shelby in addressing teen crime, resulted in lawsuits instead of collaboration to solve an obvious problem.

So, the bottom line is this. Systemic racism and deeply embedded corruption-aided and abetted by Plantation Politics and a “coon” like mentality in the black community leadership has ruined all hope of good ideas and collaboration between the City of Shelby, Cleveland County and the public from “Getting to YES” on any worthwhile effort to reduce teen crime. Or any crime, for that matter. Even the City of Shelby’s costly idea to remove major portions of the Black Ghetto in and around Downtown Shelby by condemning houses along the Rail Trail and the Thread Trail route and move the black citizens somewhere else is based on personal profit of the Real Estate Community instead of altruistic efforts intended to benefit everybody in Shelby and Cleveland County. That has been the case for at least 150 years. And the basic attitude of governmental agency personnel and those who benefit from such corruption.

And, let’s not forget the Judges in Cleveland County and Raleigh too for that matter. Local Judges have “dismissed” several of Mr. Green lawsuits claiming there was no evidence to support his claims. Only thing is The Judges wrongfully dismiss Mr. Green’s complaints before the evidence gather part of the process, Discovery and a trail, ever take place.

For instance, a case in New Hanover County has drawn a citizen to make a complaint directly to a Judge there. Change the names and you have Cleveland County to a tee.

This is the correspondence to Judge Hogston of New Hanover County, NC on November 18, 2020.:

Judge Hogston,

We send the following not as experts in the application of law, but rather as parents and citizens interested in the actions of elected officials, especially if those decisions appear to be unfair.

1) Having observed the New Hanover School Board and Wayne Bullard systematically abridge the free speech of Reverend Dante Murphy, film him because of his free speech, present incorrect and defaming information about him in public, and also present incorrect information to you, the court, and 2) having observed hard evidence of the free speech abridgment mentioned above, and 3) having watched the hearing regarding dismissal of Reverend Murphy’s claims, we were flabbergasted that you dismissed Reverend Murphy’s accurate claims (wherein most if not all evidence has been permanently recorded).

We believe you made an error—one that sends a message to those persons in government who are deciding whether or not to bully parents and citizens seeking redress and repair for harms to children. Your decision, we respectfully submit, seems to say this to government bodies like school boards: “Have at it—cut them off, call them names, film them. You will not be deterred by our court system.”

Our faith in fairness in government and the courts has been diminished as a consequence of your actions.

Are you willing to discuss your reasoning in cases such as this one? If so, we would like an opportunity to meet with you and hear your reasoning—reasoning outside of, or in addition to, a document provided by the defendants’ lawyers.

Concerned Parents and Citizens 2020
Clyde Edgerton

Change the names and this kind of bad treatment from a Judge also exists here on Cleveland County too.

What is needed is for all citizens everywhere to join their voices in protest when there are injustices. Here or anywhere else. When that happens, things will change. Ask the incumbent School Board members that just got sent packing on this past election day!!!

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