–Notice!!!– Democrats To Invade Patrick McHenry Town Hall in Shelby!!! –August 16, 2017 6: PM At Cleveland Community College– Report by Robert A. Williams

Word has been given by the Cleveland County Republican Party that the Democrats are planning to “flock” the Patrick McHenry Townhall Meeting Scheduled for tomorrow night (August 16, 2017) at 6:00 PM at the Cleveland Community College-Mildred Keeter Auditorium. All Republicans have been urged to attend this Townhall meeting.

This “flocking” is obviously a planned scheme by the Democrats to drown out the voices of Republicans at every level of Government. They are now bringing their “fight” to Cleveland County, but as Sheriff Alan Norman will most likely take all precautions against violence, press releases showing an overwhelming turnout by Democrats may make National News. For sure if there is violence.

All Republicans should come early to make sure they get front row seats. I would advise all Unaffiliated to also attend as a show that we also do not intend for the liberal left wing fringe of the Democrat Party to drown out our Constitutional rights to speak for ourselves.

Patrick McHenry needs to know how we in Cleveland County feel about all the fake news going on that we expect him to support our President Make America Great Again!!!

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