North Carolina Targeted by “Progressives” to Help Hillary Clinton Steal 2016 Election!!! Evaluation and Report by Robert A. Williams

Most of my readers know that I research what I write about and that includes looking up things on the websites of candidates and groups that I agree with as well as those that I don’t agree with. Often, when you visit websites, your computer receives “cookies” that the website uses to identify you so they can send you messages in the future. That must be how I received a message from Move this very afternoon that says “MoveOn Leads Massive Progressive Voter Turnout Effort in North Carolina” and wants me to join up with them.

Folks, I have no intention of joining up with this “weirdo” organization that is financed and supported by Wall Street Tycoons, socialists, lesbian, gay, baby killers, flag burners, National Anthem protester, getting rid of school Prayer and the Bible Common Core nitwits, medical care and medical device fraud artists who use ObamaCare and Medicaid to use up Medicare funds that all us workers have spent a lifetime contributing to, illegals of all sorts as well as low information women and the defrauded black community democrats for the single purpose of turning out democrat votes, legal or not for Hillary Clinton.

What is going to happen is this. North Carolina has been determined to be a critical “swing state” that is swinging toward Donald Trump for President and Richard Burr for the US Senate and these so called “Progressives” want to fool and turn out to vote every voter they can lie to and steal from to vote for Hillary Clinton and Deborah Ross.

Remember Cleveland County how we voted 80% against gay marriage and an Activist Federal Judge took our votes away from us. This Move On crowd plans to flood North Carolina and Cleveland County with “volunteers” to get out their base voters as well as probably to steal the identity of those who have registered many times, arise out of the Cemeteries, hack voting machines, stuff the ballot box and whatever other shenanigans these crazies can come up with. Why do you think these fools got another one of their activist judge buddies to rule picture IDs were unconstitutional in North Carolina and in other places? Why do you think all these illegal aliens have come in to the USA, North Carolina and Cleveland County to sign up for DSS benefits for a living? They are mostly here to vote for Hillary Clinton and her other stooge democrats.

Now that the truth is catching up with Hillary Clinton and her poll numbers are slipping badly, it is obvious in every clear thinking mind that the call is out by Move On to invade North Carolina and Cleveland County to steal the 2016 Election for Hillary Clinton and Deborah Ross.

Since Donald Trump represents what Cleveland County and North Carolina represents, it is our duty, especially every Christian man and woman, every white man, every right thinking man and woman, black, white or brown to also turn out and vote on Election Day for Donald Trump for President and Richard Burr for US Senator. As well as the other candidates I have recommended in my marked up Sample Ballot and Voters Guide articles you can access by just scrolling back a few articles. Download the Marked Up Sample Ballot and take it with you to the Polls on Election Day, this coming Tuesday, November 8,2016. Talk it up at Church, the golf course, the grocery store, the shooting range and where ever you go. Print off a few extra copies for family, friends and neighbors.

Remember, Never in the history of the world has an Election ever been as important as the 2016 Elections!!

Folks, Go Vote On Election Day and take someone with you. Take a carload.

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