Nitwit Judge cuts jailed Child Rapist Bail in Half!!! Chief District Court Judge Larry J. “Pudd’nhead” Wilson–so Proud of being so Stupid??? Report, arguendo and conclusion by Robert A. Williams

I have published a couple of articles, and so has the Shelby Star, about Patrick Humphries, 30, getting caught with a naked eight-year-old girl in his car around 1:00AM on a school night. Humphries had his car radio turned up loud and neighbors called the police. Remember that?

Well, Humphries’ original bail was set at $150,000. At his first court appearance Judge Brackett, after hearing additional information, doubled Humphries’ bail to $300,000. Kudos to Judge Brackett.

But then Humphries gets a fast-talking lawyer, allegedly Attorney Paul Ditz, probably court appointed at taxpayer expense, to ask for a bail reduction. A hearing was set and additional information comes out that Humphries fought with the arresting officers. And I mean fought. A regular free-for-all. Windows got broken out, Humphries gets tasered-the whole nine yards. And what does Chief District Court Judge Larry J. “Pudd’nhead” Wilson do? Pudd’nhead cuts the bail in half-back to $150,000. Meaning that Humphries’ family and friends are much more likely to raise $15,000 for a bondsman and spring Patrick Humphries from jail until a trial is held.

So, who wants to stand up and say that an alleged child rapist, caught red handed and partially disrobed himself, is entitled to be walking around the streets of Cleveland County? Free as a bird to run off to parts unknown. And repeat his crimes on other children? Anybody except Judge Pudd’nhead Wilson that is.

Anybody that reads my articles regularly would know that I hung the nickname “Pudd’nhead” on Judge Wilson years ago, based on the dunce of a character Pudd’nhead Wilson from a Mark Twain Novel of that very same name. But now I realize that I owe Pudd’nhead Wilson of the Mark Twain Novel an apology. That Pudd’nhead is an Einstein-Grade genius compared with the Cleveland County Chief District Court Judge Larry J. Pudd’nhead Wilson. I apologize Mr. Twain for insulting your character Pudd’nhead. Hopefully your 100 years in the graveyard will allow you to forgive me for my error. But, if You don’t mind, I will keep the Pudd’nhead nickname for Judge Larry J “Pudd’nhead’ Wilson just because I don’t know anything more fitting and proper to call him.

And the County Commissioners want to build a new Courthouse for this kind of injustice and stupidity? My recommendation is to renovate one of the basement restrooms into a combination office/courtroom for Pudd’nhead. That is probably where he does most of his thinking to begin with.

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