New City of Shelby Attorney asked to provide records!!! –Lawyer Bills, “Rhetorical Hyperbole,” Lawsuits??? And other Public Records!! City of Shelby trying to refuse public records requests by hiring interim Attorney with a limited service contract??? –Report and new record requests by Robert A. Williams

To: City of Shelby:

Please consider this communication as a re-statement or the requests for records and information as requested by Rev. Dante Murphy as provided below and for additional information and records that I am requesting as also provided below.

The reason for this restatement is to make public requests directly to the City of Shelby-no matter who the attorney Shelby may chose to use to provide the requested records. The Contract Shelby entered into with Attorney Martha Thompson’s law firm is a limited service contract that seems do NOT include advice and other legal functions related to fulfilling the legal obligation the City of Shelby has to provide Public Records for public inspection. It certainly appears that the City of Shelby has hired Attorney Martha Thompson only represent Mayor Stan Anthony, City Manager Rick Howell and Council Member Violet Dukes in their individual capacity-leaving all other legal services necessary for the City of Shelby to be handled by another lawyer from a different law firm.

The following communication was made by Rev. Dante Murphy directly to Attorney Martha Thompson. I am resubmitting that same request, except submitted directly to the City of Shelby, who is the holder of these records and has the legal responsibility to provide those records to the public.

To: City of Shelby (and Attorney Martha Thompson if applicable):

Under North Carolina Public Records Law please provide the following in your capacity as legal counsel for the City of Shelby:

1. A definition of “rhetorical hyperbole” as it will be defined and used by elected officials and staff for the City of Shelby. Our research indicates that you and Rick Howell have used this term in the past.
2. The total amount of money paid to you or the law firm you (Martha Thompson) work directly related to any lawsuits filed by Willie Green.
3. Indicate whether you (Martha Thompson) will continue representing pending lawsuits against the City of Shelby. (Rick Howell, Stan Anthony and Violet Dukes)

Please note that I have added other attorneys on this email who are defending wrongdoing of government officials. Murphy v. New Hanover County and Murphy v. New Hanover County Schools are two that I am currently involved in. The most despicable crimes involve minor children being molested by teachers.

We will continue to seek justice in the courts as long as attorneys continue to manipulate the justice system and defend the wrongdoing.

Rev. Dante’ Murphy (and Robert A. Williams)

From: Robert A. Williams-Additional public Records Submittals:

To: The City of Shelby

Public Records request submittals:

Under the Freedom of Information Act as well as NC Public Records laws Please provide the following documents, records and information for my inspection:

1. All Minutes of Meetings, notes, emails, contracts, etc. related to and prior to the May 4th, 2020 Shelby City Council’s decision to replace Attorney Bob Yelton as the Shelby City Attorney.
2. All Minutes of Meetings, notes, emails, legal opinions, discussions, contracts, grants, etc. related to the Shelby City Council’s decision to award and grant or contract to the Cleveland County Arts Council while Council Member Violet Dukes was on the Shelby City Council and worked at the CC Arts Council as Marketing Director and Over Events. I am particularly interested in how the Shelby City Council reconciled the fact that certain of those Grants to the CC Arts Council were specifically intended to fund the CC Arts Council’s “Marketing and Events” when “Marketing and Events” are specifically and exactly Violet Dukes stated functions at the CC Arts Council. And Shelby City funding to the CC Arts Council would certainly be a direct and indirect monetary benefit to Violet Dukes.
3. All records, documents, emails, discussions, etc. where City Manager Rick Howell has discussed issues and items with individual or small groups of Shelby City Council members, obviously as a ruse to violate North Carolina Open Meeting laws, to discuss and form a consensus on any and all issues in order to conceal Council’s discussions from public scrutiny.
4. All Shelby Policies and procedural processes that allow Rick Howell’s methods as described in paragraph 3 above.

Thank you in advance for your speedy provision of the documents, records, etc. that are requested in this communication.

Robert A. Williams

5 comments for “New City of Shelby Attorney asked to provide records!!! –Lawyer Bills, “Rhetorical Hyperbole,” Lawsuits??? And other Public Records!! City of Shelby trying to refuse public records requests by hiring interim Attorney with a limited service contract??? –Report and new record requests by Robert A. Williams

  1. Anonymous
    May 22, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    Y’all need to call channel 3 or channel 9 and get them involved since the Shelby Daily Scar is the local government propaganda arm. Blow the lid off the can of worms and expose everything.

  2. Robert A Williams
    May 22, 2020 at 3:47 pm


    We have copied Channel 3 and Channel 9 on most of our posts and they do nothing. Shelby Star too. We call on the Black leaders in Cleveland County and they do nothing and say nothing. They are all about themselves and what white folks crumbs they can pick up for themselves. White leaders are all about themselves too and try to minimize the crumbs they have to leave for the “Coons” to pick up. We call on all voters and taxpayers and then they vote most of the same crowd back in, time-after-time. I won’t say whether or not the SBI and FBI has been contacted.

    Bottom line, Cleveland County voters just don’t get it. Black or White. Men or women! Real change will only come from the ballot box or the jury box. And since the the ballot box doesn’t seem to be working, we are supporting Mr. Willie Green and others in their efforts to get justice from the jury box. And that is coming along very well.

    So, all you potential jury members, listen up. Read our articles and get yourself informed. When you get called for jury duty, show up and serve on the jury. Pay attention and don’t fall for any of the lawyer’s tricks. When Mr. Willie Green and perhaps others present winning cases, award them millions of dollars. That will wake up the City of Shelby, Cleveland County, Cleveland County Schools and Cleveland Community College. Take a big part of their taxpayer’s dollars away from the “leaders” that they were going to waste anyway. That’s what I intend to do when I get called for jury duty.

    In the meantime, I am going to tell on the bad guys every time I find an unethical or illegal act. Of course I will brag on the good guys and gals whenever I find them..

    Robert A. Williams

  3. Joe
    May 22, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    The mindset of the left when it comes to black voters? Ask Joe Biden.

  4. May 23, 2020 at 11:14 pm

    We will see in the coming months, just how far the leaders ( elected or self appointed community leaders) actions have taken us down the worm hole. These essentials seem to have lost all connection with non-essentials or anyone else that’s not in their “Click”. For example, the City is already leaning on the out of work non-essentials to set up installment payments on their utility bills for the months they could not pay, in addition to the coming bills that they can not pay. Where do these so called ( on your side ) Civic leaders or Elected City leaders stand on issues such as this. Mr. Green is the only person I know of, that has offered to do something for the most important ones in the City and County, the young people. In response to this offer the ( elected or self appointed community leaders) attacked him from all sides and continue to do so. Listen folks, most of us non-essentials are on the nobody list also, most inhabitants just don’t know it yet. It is a mistake to believe that the majority of the people in power ( elected or self appointed ) have us non-essentials interests at heart, because they clearly do not, unless you are in their “Click”. Don’t believe what they say, just watch what they do. I believe this is going to be much easier to see in the coming months. In a future post, I would like to share information on the work that Mr. Murphy and Mr. Edgerton have done in New Hanover County Schools that will help stop the Predators from molesting students in Cleveland County Schools. That’s my 2 cents worth.

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