Mr. Willie Green Invites local Media, Community Leaders and Public to come to the Courthouse and see and hear for themselves the Truth of the Matter!!! Lawsuit against Stacy Heavner and Subpoenaed Testimony by Shelby City Councilmen Dicky Amaya and David Causby!! —Report by Robert A. Williams

Mr. Willie Green has filed a defamation lawsuit against Mr. Stacy Heavner alleging false statements by Heavner in a Shelby City Council Meeting where the subject of a Public Hearing was a Zoning Change Request submitted by Mr. Green for his property located at the intersection of East Dixon Boulevard and Main Street.

There have been a number of articles written by myself and the Shelby Star regarding this matter that seem to have conflicts. I would say that my articles are fact based per my own personal research of the facts and the Star articles appear to me to be regurgitations of unsubstantiated statements of Shelby Officials without backup research of the matter by the Shelby Star.

Either way, the lawsuit has reached the point where a Court hearing is required and Mr. Green has requested the media, community leaders and the public to attend the hearing so that they can see for themselves what has transpired and what will transpire in the next step of the judicial process. Mr. Green has also issued subpoenas for Shelby Councilmen Dicky Amaya and David Causby to come and testify in the matter based on Defendant Stacy Heavner’s allegation that Amaya and Causby had told Heavner false statements and allegations in Heavner’s Court Documents that will be shown below.

The Court Hearing is scheduled at the Cleveland County Courthouse this coming Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 3:00PM. I would not miss this for the world.

The following are Mr. Green’s request for the media to actually attend this hearing in order to obtain first-hand accounts and report accordingly as well shaver’s Court Documents.


See attached Defendant’s Stacy Heavner’s Answers to Interrogatories.

I would like for the Shelby Star, other media outlets, and community leaders to attend the District Court hearing for my defamation case against Mr. Stacy Heavner on Tuesday, December 1st at 3 pm at the Cleveland County Courthouse. If you recall, Mr. Heavner – who does not live in the neighborhood – is the gentleman that spoke against my zoning application and made false comments about me building low-income housing that will increase the crime rate and lower the property value of the homes in the adjoining neighborhood.

We have also issued subpoenas to Councilman David Causby and former Councilman Dicky Amaya to testify as to their conversation with Mr. Heavner about why they encouraged Mr. Heavner to testify in opposition to my zoning hearing application. We also want to know why they gaslighted Mr. Heavner into believing that I asked the City for $100,000 for my driveway construction. (see attached document)

The question is, will the city attempt to squash the subpoenas in order to keep Councilman Causby and Amaya from testifying? And if there is no proof that I had asked the City for $100,000. Can there be both criminal conspiracy and civil charges filed against Councilman Causby and Amaya?

I hope that you are able to attend, so the public can see just how our justice system works in Cleveland County when it involves our public officials.

Willie A. Green, Sr.

Note that Heavner’s allegations regarding Amaya and Causby are found in paragraph (12) located on Page 4 of Heavner’s Document.

Just in case you don’t want to read the whole thing, the pertinent parts say:
(12) Please provide the name, phone number and address of any and all City or County employees and/or elected officials you spoke with regarding anything related to the Plaintiff’s application that you made a statement in objection toon November 18, 2019. Please provide the date and substance of each listed conversation.

RESPONSE: David Causby—No number available, Dicky Amaya– No number available
Expressed my concerns to them. asked how the zoning board can just approve such a thing. They informed me that Mr. Green has asked for funding ($100,000) to construct a driveway for low- income housing. Said they would not express an opinion regarding the vote and would make a decision after the Council meeting. Suggested to me to come speak at meeting. Considering history with Mr. Green, they would not speak or advise on the subject.

5 Star Athlete Defendants Answers to Plaintiff 1st Set of Interrogatories
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