More Wa$te Reports regarding Cleveland County Schools!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

The anonymous call comes in Wednesday-January 23,2019. The caller tells me that many hundreds of good and usable school chairs had been left outside at the Plant Services and were now totally ruined. The caller estimated the new cost of those chairs was $75. And that they would bring in at least $20 apiece. You do the math on how much wasted $$$s was involved here.

So, what can I do? I called School Board Member Danny Blanton, the only school board member with any common sense, and told him about this report. Danny tells me that he had just received that very same news himself and was on his way to take pictures. Blanton also stated that there was plenty of room to store these chairs temporarily at least, at the old North Shelby School.

Danny also tells me there is storage at the old Fallston Fire Station. So, I walked down the street and look inside the window at the Old Fallston Fire Station. What I see is floor to ceiling desk and chair sets totally filling the old fire station.

So, I call Danny Blanton back and report that the Principal at Fallston Elementary School, David Mitchell, had wisely stored his surplus materials sufficiently so nothing was ruined like the CCS school chairs thrown outside at the Plant Services place.

Danny Blanton stated that he was going to the School Board Meeting Monday night and bring up this issue. I suggested that Danny ask for this item to be put on the agenda or they would try to shut him up as they always try to do. Of course, they will probably just refuse to put this item on the agenda and then refuse to talk about it because it is not on the agenda. That’s what they do at school board meetings because they don’t want to hear about any problems. That way the other school board members can falsely deny that they don’t know anything about anything. I’ve seen them do that on numerous occasions. Only good news please. Even if you have to make it up.

Folks, my advice here is to tune in on the CCS School Board Broadcast and watch what happens. Be prepared to clean house at the next school board election in 2020 where five are up for re-election. Five is a majority and a new five can make immediate changes to totally prevent such as this from ever happening again.

So, how do you do that Williams? Easy!! Subtract the reasonable value of wasted materials and equipment from Superintendent Stephen Fisher’s bonus or pay increases. Make it one of Fisher’s personal “performance goals.” I suspect such waste as this will stop immediately. If not sooner.

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