More Turmoil and Violence in Cleveland County Jail!!! One Officer Punched I the Face, A Second Officer Kicked in Testicles!! Trip to Hospital Required!!! Inspection Tour of Jail requested!! Report and request provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: An inmate in the Cleveland County Jail, Rickey Smith, has the reputation around the Jailhouse Detention Officers and others as a troublemaker. Sheriff’s Office Detention Center records show that Rickey O’Daniel Smith (Black/Male?20 years old) was arrested August 11, 2019 for Malicious Conduct by an Inmate.” On it’s face there is more to this story as how can you be arrested and jailed for malicious conduct by an inmate without first having to be an inmate. What I am saying here is something is fishy about the underlying charges and arrests that are not available at this Holiday time when most County offices are shut down for Thanksgiving.

That being said, reliable sources report that just a few days ago jail inmate Rickey Smith punched a Detention Officer full in the face. Detention officers then wrestled Smith into his cell block where the scuffle continued. Another Detention Officer was kicked square in the testicles and received injuries sufficient to require a trip to the Hospital. Perhaps more treatment was given than that, but my source was not privy to that information.

Folks, the Cleveland County Jail is NOT a safe place to be. For inmates as well as Detention Officers. High Detention Officer turnover due to low pay and low moral only make the inherent problems more serious.

Now, if you go the Sheriff’s Office Detention Center Website you will see a picture of a well maintained, well lighted and well-maintained facility. Faultlessly painted, clean and spotless in every respect. Go to this link and inspect the picture:
Sources report that the Jail is, for the most part, dingy, dirty and poorly maintained. Nothing like this picture.

Sheriff Alan Norman. I am repeating my request to tour the Cleveland County Jail at a time convenient to you. Let us invite the County Commissioners to also inspect your facilities so we will all know the condition of the Jail that has long been questioned. If more funding is needed from the Commissioners, I would surely want to make them, as well as the public, aware of just what the conditions really are at the Cleveland County Jail.

Also note that I am sure the public and taxpayers also want to know the conditions at the Jail. Commissioners have mentioned in meetings that there have been requests for the County to build new Courthouse and Jail facilities. I can assure you that there will be no support for such an endeavor to spend $$Millions of taxpayer funds without the public being absolutely sure that new facilities are actually needed.

Remember the failed sales tax increase referendum the voters rejected about three weeks ago. Also note that the 2020 elections will likely remove three commissioners and five school board members from office. It is very unlikely that NO additional funds for any thing wasteful in Cleveland County will be made available to any agency and department. Let’s tour the Jail and see for ourselves the conditions there. Just My Opinion.

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