More Proof Cleveland County is Broke!!! Commissioners want to raise taxes!!! Charging CCC $15,000 per year for use of LeGrand Center Kitchen!! Why not put the Catawba Casino to a vote!!! –Report, history and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

Remember the 2016 Elections??? And how President Donald J. Trump shellacked his opponent, What’s her name? Something else more local got shellacked too. The referendum to raise Cleveland County sales taxes a quarter cent. The voters overwhelmingly defeated the tax increase, supposedly intended to better fund fire protection in the county. Remember how the Commissioners then turned around, snubbed the clear will of the people, and stuck it to the people served by volunteer fire departments by raising, without the consent of the people, the fire taxes by 75%.

Guess what? The commissioners are at it again. The Commissioners plan to add “Article 46” to the November 2019 election ballot asking for that same quarter cent increase on the sales taxes everybody pays when they purchase anything in Cleveland County. But, don’t believe my gossip. Come to the next County Commissioner’s Meeting on August 6, 2019 and see and hear for yourself. That’s when my gossiping sources tell me the commissioners are going to spring the trap on Cleveland County taxpayers-AGAIN. Hoping to get approval to raise taxes during this 2019 low turnout election year. Let’s fool the commissioners and turn out to vote against this tax increase and again turn out in the 2020 elections to run off the commissioners who won’t take NO for an answer.

What a fraud these commissioners are?

And talking about frauds, let’s talk about the Catawba Casino in Kings Mountain that the Commissioners say they all support without ever having a public hearing or one word of discussion in open session about their support for the Casino. And remember, NC law requires all such county business be discussed in open session-NOT behind closed doors.

So Commissioners, why not put the Casino to a vote??? Just like the tax increase (Article 46) on the ballot in November. Let the people decide whether or not Cleveland County Commissioners should support this Casino. Or not!!!

Then, it was disclosed yesterday at the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee meeting that the Commissioners will be charging CCC $15,000 per year for use of the LeGrand Center kitchen to teach Culinary Classes. The Commissioners and the LeGrand Center Director, Jason “Loser” Falls pushed CCC into starting a culinary class at the LeGrand Center because the LeGrand Center supposedly has a professional kitchen. Then they turn around and charge CCC the $15,000 per year to use the kitchen. If the fool CCC BoTs buy in to it, CCC will likely never make enough on tuition to pay the kitchen rental. CCC ought to just figure that most students will never actually work or cook in a “professional kitchen” and just tell the Commissioners and Jason “Loser” Falls Thanks, but no thanks. And cancel the culinary classes. But, most of all, the BoTs should have NEVER paid $Millions into the LeGrand Center and then let the County Commissioners take it away form them.

And now the County Manager has put out a letter to county employees, under the guise of a “Voluntary Exit Program,” a plan to buy-out employee retirements and benefits. Unfortunately these so-called “voluntary” programs most often end up being “mandatory.” And even more often, those who are chosen to have their pensions bought out are those who file complaints or ask too many questions. A sneaky way to retaliate and deny that you are being retaliating against. Or older and are getting close to retirement age and the county can hire someone younger for less of a salary. I see nothing but bad news here.

All in all, it is no wonder that the Commissioners have been telling employees and everybody else that the things I write are just “gossip.” The commissioners had to lie to fool voters to elect and re-elect them.

And now, my prediction, based on the many pieces of the puzzle being put together, is coming true. And the citizens of Cleveland County will suffer. But, maybe, people who won’t listen, won’t learn and won’t vote right or won’t vote at all, brought their suffering down upon themselves. I suspect I am more right than wrong about that.

As far as the July 8, 2019 letter about the “Voluntary Exit Program,” I have requested a copy from the Commissioners. I will publish it as soon as I get it.

Like I said earlier, there are consequences for not paying attention to what your Commissioners, et al (et al means and others) are doing to you. Losing your county retirement may just be one of those consequences.

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