More Information–Commissioners Hire Loser Jason Falls to Run the LeGrand Center!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following Comment was just received regarding an article I published April 2, 2018. Since this is an Election Year for the Cleveland County Commissioners, this information is totally relevant today as the original article was back in April. The comment is provided below as well as the Original Article. The hiring of the totally unqualified Jason Falls for the Interim County Manager and LeGrand Center jobs can be laid at Commissioners Eddie Holbrook, Ronnie Whetstine and Doug Bridges’ feet. Be sure to ask them about this at Candidate’s Forums and out on the street.

Also note that the person making the comment has two Master Degrees in a related field and was not even asked in for an interview for the LeGrand Center job. Again, contact Eddie Holbrook, Ronnie Whetstine and Doug Bridges and ask them to explain. And. be sure to vote on Election Day.

July 22, 2018 Comment:

“Jason Falls getting that position as executive director of the LeGrand Center is a classic example of good ol’ boy politics. How else does a former insurance salesman with an associate’s degree from Cleveland Community College get named interim county manager despite having no experience dealing with running a county administration and operations?

Then Falls becomes the executive director of the LeGrand Center at Cleveland Community College — the same position County Commissioner’s wife Eddie Holbrook held. It’s so evident there is a good ol’ boy system with Cleveland County power brokers that it’s sickening. I applied for that position (I have two master’s degrees in marketing communications with more than 20 years of professional experience) and could not get an interview. How else does Falls get a position for which he is not qualified except in a good ol’ boy system?”

Original Article from April 2, 2018

Commissioners Hire Loser Jason Falls to Run the LeGrand Center!!
Report by Robert A. Williams

By the time most will read this article, the dastardly deed will be done. The Loser Commissioner, Loser Interim County Manager, wannabe Fair Manager, wannabe lots of things, but a Loser at just about everything he has set out to do, Jason Falls will officially be the newest Director of the LeGrand Center after Mrs. Eddie Holbrook retired from this $80,000 job. Effective April 2, 2018 Falls is in and dirty politics in Cleveland County have won again.

Of course without any public notice. When it comes out publicly it will be a done deal. Just like the sale of the Hospital for a Pawn Shop Price. Just like the Commissioners having Tim Moore abolish the office of Coroner because the Coroner’s wife made a Facebook entry on Jason Falls’ wife’s Facebook page complaining about the Commissioners taking their wives on a taxpayer paid boondoggle trip to Washington, DC. For all those claiming Jason Falls is such a good Christian, the Jason Falls I have seen in action is just a sneaky, two faced, underhanded, vindictive, hard hearted loser who was a burden on Cleveland County Citizens, most of which were glad that he was gone and off the county payroll. And now Eddie Holbrook. Ronnie Whetstine and Doug Bridges are responsible for bringing him back to feed off the county trough once again.

Folks, you have seen my request for public documents in my recent article about whether or not Jason Falls had gotten this LeGrand Center job. Like what were the qualifications required for the Director of the LeGrand Center? The pay, etc.? No answers from Cleveland Community College or the Commissioners. What is the job description? No answer there either. Ignore, ignore, ignore to all questions and no return of phone calls either. No answer from the commissioners, No answer from the County Manager, Assistant County Manager, County Personnel Manager. NOBODY. And my questions and concerns were sent to every one of them as i always do.

So, what can be done? This is the easy part. Vote in the Democrat Primary Election and vote for Chris Gash and Todd McIntosh. Get rid of Eddie Holbrook right there in the Primary. Then vote for Caroline Dedmon in the 2 year term commissioner race and Gash and McIntosh in the four year Commissioner term offices in the General Elections. Give these three new commissioners a mandate to fire the County Manager and the County Clerk for actually doing the dirty deed of actually doing the paperwork of hiring Jason Falls. And then appoint a new Manager and Clerk who will then terminate Jason Falls.

Folks, that is just how hard nosed politics works. And hard nosed politicians are needed who will make a clean sweep at the County Offices on Marion Street. If Dedmon, Gash and McIntosh won’t clean house when elected, get rid of them at the next election cycle. It’s just that simple.

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d parish

Same old ” You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” from the Cleveland County Cabal. Thank you for your continued investigations since our daily rag doesn’t know the meaning of it.