More discussion about City of Shelby Lawsuits, Racial Discrimination, Harassment, Fear of Retaliation, Teen Crime, Ineffective Leadership, Corrupt Leadership, 2021 Elections, etc.!!! Comments forwarded and arguendo added by Robert A. Williams

To: Minority Community Leaders and AG Josh Stein,

Since Ms. Campbell’s February 9th email to the community asking for their support in her efforts to hold the City of Shelby accountable for its’ discriminatory practices against employees of color. I have received several other emails and calls from black employees of both the City and County government, making allegations of workplace discrimination.
It should be very disturbing to the citizens of Shelby that City Council Members, when asked, are claiming they had not been told of Ms. Campbell’s allegations of workplace discrimination and those Council Members knew nothing about her federal lawsuit that was filed in Nov 2020, and the City was served notice in Dec 2020. How is that possible that Mayor Anthony & Council Members have no idea a federal lawsuit was filed against the City for discrimination? Either they knew and lied to you who asked, or they were not told by the City Attorney and the City Manager. Either way, someone needs to be held accountable for what is taking place with the City (of Shelby) government.
Let me remind you, I have attempted to show the public just how corrupt and racist the City’s Public officials are and it has fallen on deaf ears. Now you have heard from an employee, who has made several allegations of discrimination, including white people “cleaning their hands” in her hair, calling her the “B” word, and her supervisor making racial slurs at her in front of her colleagues. And based on my recent conversations with current and former city and county employees, there are more stories like Ms. Campbell. (And potentially more lawsuits.)
“Not having effective leadership in place to encourage and “capture” growth opportunities… and Lack of Diversity.” This is the findings of the 2017 City of Shelby Economic Development Strategic Plan S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis Report, about the leadership in Shelby. This is their own report that the City paid thousands of dollars for, to tell them just how bad its’ leadership is. 
Under this City leadership, we have seen an increase in teen violence and shootings, zoning applications being denied of black business owners, while white developers and Council Members applications are approved and now workplace discrimination against city employee(s). And we also see millions of taxpayers’ dollars spent on hiking trails, soccer fields and no money spent on facilities that would provide kids of color and low-income families a safe and affordable place to go.
2021 is an election year for three City Council Members. When they start their campaign speeches and agenda, ask them the tough questions of what they have done over the past 4 years to improve the people of color’s lives and our community.
Willie A. Green, Sr. 

Editor’s Note: I have copied every Shelby City Council Member, the Mayor and City Manager regarding Ms. Nivilla Campbell’s Federal Lawsuit against them I have also included Ms. Campbell’s original email of Feb. 8, 2021 asking Mr. Willie Green for support. For the City Council to deny knowing about this is a lie.

There is More:

On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 11:07:29 AM EST, Dante Murphy wrote:

To: NC House Speaker Tim Moore,

The racism and corruption seen within your district is representative of the cruel acts seen across North Carolina. Please use whatever persuasion you have in resolving some of these matters. Specifically,

1) Discriminatory acts by the City of Shelby against former NFL football player Willie Green—federal investigation pending.

2) Discriminatory acts by the City of Shelby against Nivilla Campbell—lawsuit pending.  

3) Willis v. Cleveland County involving misconduct against women—lawsuit pending. 

4) Murphy v. Cleveland County involving discrimination and retaliation against Rev. Dante Murphy—lawsuit pending.  

Others concerns and needs across the state:

1) Please contact Attorney General Josh Stein and demand that he release SBI findings into several allegations that New Hanover County school administrators, board members, law enforcement, and other elected officials for years covered up child sexual abuse. 

2) Please support the removal of District Attorney Ben David from office as he has consistently failed, among other things, to explain why his office failed to charge a former teacher after that teacher sent sexually explicit text messages to a twelve-year-old student. That teacher went on to molest that same student and had exposure to countless others.  

3) Please demand that New Hanover County Board of Education settle all lawsuits involving all child sexual abuse and discrimination claims. 

Rev. Dante’ Murphy

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