More About the Disappearance of Asha Degree from Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office!!! Sources report forwarded to you by Robert A. Williams

Sources who actually heard the previously reported Police Scanner transmission from the Sheriff’s Office that were the subject of that previous article regarding Asha Degree were prompted to do more research on the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office website. Through various “evolutions” on that website they discovered two recent videos, one very-very recent, that presented missing persons reports on Asha Degree’s disappearance. The details of these videos are stunning.

We recommend that interested persons watch both of these videos. Such details that are surprisingly detailed and accurate may very well spark memories of citizens who may have pieces of this puzzle that are yet unknown.

For your convenience, these video links provided below go directly to the videos are provided. Click on the links and then click on the “Skip Add” to directly access the videos. If anything important comes to mind, contact the Sheriff’s Department ASAP!!! At 704-672-6100. There is a major reward offered in this case.

Also note that nothing has been provided by the Sheriff’s Department or the District Attorney’s Office regarding the recent Police Scanner transmission article. Such a lack of cooperation with the public is not constructive. And likely part of the reason the ball got dropped way back in the Sheriff Dan Crawford administration when Sheriff Crawford fired the head Asha Degree Investigator, reportedly for supporting the “Raymond Hamrick for Sheriff” Campaign. Raymond Hamrick would go on to win the election for Sheriff but the Asha Degree case, by then, was in disarray at the Sheriff’s Department.

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