Mooooore on Tim Moore!!! Ex-Girlfriend maybe not an Ex??? Report forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Tim Moore probably made a bad choice of words on his big fancy new rolling billboard. The billboard picture shows Tim with a Holstein cow with the cow mooing, “Don’t Settle for less when you can have MOOOOORE.” Tim’s opposition is sure slinging mooooore manure on the wall hoping something will stick to Tim Moore. Now they are attacking Jennifer Gray who they call Tim’s ex-girlfriend. Last I heard Tim’s girlfriend, Jennifer Gray, who might have used to be an “ex” is now supposedly engaged to Tim. I reckon Tim’s “romantic relationships” with a Holstein cow only happens on billboards. But I wouldn’t know anything about that.

The article attached below implies that Tim Moore has created a high paying government job in Raleigh for ex-girlfriend Jennifer Gray. That’s about all I am going to say about the article since you can read the whole thing for yourself. But I am reminded of the high paying job ($80,000 plus bennys) created at the CCC LeGrand Center for Commissioner Eddie Holbrook’s wife and the job at the tax supported ALWS created for Holbrook’s step daughter that nobody around here seemed to care much about. So what if Tim Moore helped Jennifer Gray find a job in Raleigh? If all these innuendo stories about Tim Moore cannot come up with specific violations for the Democrat Governor and Attorney General to do something about, I am tired of hearing all the “blue wave” mess.

Us folks here in Cleveland County are the only ones who can vote Tim Moore into or out of office. Some folks around here say Tim has got to go. I would say that Tim needs to stay until a better candidate comes along. And that ain’t in the 2018 elections. Not from what I have seen anyway. And I have been looking and paying attention.

Here is the link to Tim’s new negative article. Click on it. Decide for yourself how to vote for the NC District 111 election for the NC House.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 1, 2018 at 9:48 pm

    Anonymously, of course, if you were to search the nc state employee database, you might find Mr. Moores’s old babysitters brothers Andrew Haskett and Joseph Haskett both getting big pay checks from the state. One of them also above $80k a year. They are just kids by the way. And his old babysitter was making really big bucks as a lobbyist. It is what it is.

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