Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Best Wishes from Robert A. Williams

We hope all y’all readers have a happy and healthy Holiday Season. We know you are busy and we are busy too. So, let’s all of us take a break from political news and left-over political corruption until just after New Year. Enjoy your family time, celebrations and such and be ready for 2019.

But, be prepared to be blown away with all the nuggets of information that we will be releasing right after this holiday season. Santa Clause has been good to us with sources calling and wishing us well, along with some top-secret information that every citizen and taxpayer needs to know.

For example:

The County check for $1,000,000 and the related corruption and political fallout. Several articles here are likely necessary to cover it all. Along with a call for criminal prosecution.

The Federal Lawsuit against the City of Shelby and City Manager Rick Howell.

How to “close the gap” in black education. White Education too!

Putting the Bible, Prayer and the community back in schools!! Legally.

Sheriff’s Department, Magistrate refusing to help single mother whose “baby daddy” threatened to make her disappear.

And much more.

See ya next week.

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