Mary Ann Powell Goins Speaks out!!! Re: Handicapped autistic Child assaulted by teacher-abused and tortured by Principal at North Shelby School!!! Comment shared by Robert A. Williams

Of all the horrendous things I have heard about happening around Shelby, this is by far the most heartbreaking and tragic. It is shameful and evil and horrifying. Both that Teacher and the Principal should be investigated and removed from that or any school if allegations prove true. Should an investigation support the allegations, I do hope that criminal charges will be filed.

The “new” School Board sounds like an inept and corrupt Board for the most part from this reporting and others I have read. It is shocking that NO action about this cruel incident has been taken. Any sort of a “coverup” is an abomination and I applaud you for exposing it.

All children are vulnerable to the cruelty of adults and I believe that every classroom, hallway and office should have recording cameras installed and operating during open hours in this entire school system. There should be no cost considered too high to provide that security for the precious children that are growing up in Cleveland County and indeed are in the care of all adult citizens who live here.

“It takes a Village to raise a child” and it is the responsibility of everyone residing here to take care of ALL the children. Shame on those who shirk that responsibility. SHAME.

There is no better use of our tax dollars than to provide for the children in this county and in the towns therein.

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Sincerely Concerned,
Mary Ann Powell-Goins

Editor’s Notes:

Thank you, Mary Ann Powell Goins, for your astute understanding of this situation and on whom the responsibility lies. It is like the links of a chain. First the teacher is responsible, Then the Principal. Then the School Administration and then the Superintendent. Then it is the School Board. But, ultimately, it is us. All of us. Citizens, taxpayers and voters. Ultimately the responsibility of fixing the problems at CCS and elsewhere falls on “We the People.” If any link in that chain breaks, the chain fails and it is up to “We the People” in this village to fix the problems in that chain. In this particular case, the teacher failed, the Principal failed, the Superintendent failed and the School Board failed. We the People fired the Old School Board in the 2020 Elections and elected a brand “NEW” School Board Majority who have also failed.

We the People must not rest. The 2022 School Board Elections are not that far in the future. And, we can call for the NEW School Board Majority to resign or be removed all along the way.

As far as having an investigation, there have been several investigations. The Shelby Police Department investigated and failed because of a conflict of interest. The SPD initial investigator was the husband of the CCS HR Director. The Shelby City Attorney refused to release the details of that failed investigation. The autistic child’s mother hired a private investigator who has produced a report that was sent to me in its entirety. I have that 12 Page Report in my possession.

Now, it appears that the mother and the investigator have been offered some kind of a deal, probably from the School Board and unnamed politicians, with big dollar signs, to keep me from publishing that report. They now say it is NOT a Public Record and my permission to publish the report is withdrawn. Of course, their claims are ridiculous,

However, the Mother and the investigator have both spoken to the School Board during Public Participation, at a number of school board meetings. I attended those School Board meetings and heard what they had to say.

But, instead of me getting into a “he said-she said” argument about that report, I will go them one better. I am attaching a Facebook entry of January 25, 2021 where the investigator basically told most of the details of his 12 Page report and also says he will send a Facebook commenter the actual 12-page report that the Mother and the investigator now say I cannot release. So, NOW I am releasing that entire Facebook entry for all to see. There is NO WAY the School Board’s attorney can deny that a Facebook Page is NOT public information. Of course, I still have that full 12-page Investigative Report for use in later reports and even in Court if the money hungry plotters and schemers are foolish enough to go that route.

I do not laugh too hard at the nitwits who are plotting and scheming to blackmail me into silence only because of this. There are indications that other children have been abused at North Shelby School. Otherwise, I would wash my hands of this Mother and investigator who now appear to be more interested in collecting big bucks off their situation and couldn’t give a hoot about what happens to other children. Anyway, there will be more on this in future articles.

Also Note that I have been accused of having an “Agenda” in this matter. I do have an agenda. My agenda is to require every elected official and appointed official in Cleveland County government and elsewhere to be transparent, follow the State Laws as written and to stop wasting our tax dollars. (i.e. Stop Corruption) If that is bad, then I am a bad person. Stay tuned folks!!! You have not heard the last of this.

The Facebook Page note above has been preserved as a pdf file and is shown below.

Poston fb

Pictures of the Drain Pipe and the autistic child’s head injury have also been posted on Facebook and are also shown below.
(click on picture to enlarge)

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