Living in the City of Shelby, NC is hazardous to your health!! Or even passing through!! Or home in bed sound asleep!!! Especially if you are young, very young and black!!! Murder and shooting cases difficult to investigate and be prosecuted because of “Bro.-Codes”!!! And Nobody is talking!!! Or doing anything!!! “Critical Mass” of black teen violence reached long ago in Shelby!! Opinion, arguendo and conclusions by Robert A. Williams

Well folks, I don’t have to report what is in the news. Again and Again and Again and again some more. The City of Shelby is like a shooting gallery. A Black on Black shooting gallery. Mostly black teens gangs who don’t have anything else to do. Except for target practice. Where every shooter is also a target as the targets get to shoot back. Even cowboy and Indian type shooting games, where cars are used instead of horses. They ride down the streets shooting at each other. The only time the shooters go to church is for the funerals of their unlucky gang member friends. And innocent bystanders, even a baby girl at home asleep in bed gets shot in the lungs by a stray bullet.

And the biggest noise from the black community is the sounds of silence. And the biggest remedial actions are the actions of inaction. Do nothing and say nothing is the biggest noise that is done and said. The gangs on the street won’t say anything to the police and the leaders in the black community, especially the black churches won’t say or do anything either. It is a formula for disaster. One black kid at a time. Or two or three at a time, maybe. The only thing that keeps the black teen death toll from going out of sight is apparently these shooters are just bad shots. Lots of shell cases on the streets but only a few dead bodies at a time. And plenty of witness who won’t talk because of the “Bro-Codes,” an oath of silence amongst gang members and wannabees.

Gun Control is needed say the Democrats. Outlaw teens from purchasing guns they say!!! But what they mean is outlaw anybody from owning guns. The truth is there are already laws against selling guns to minors. Just an example of too many laws that are NOT enforced.

It’s the fault of black parents say many Republicans, amongst themselves. Clearly referring to the high percentage of single-parent (mother) families in the black population where generations are born and die never knowing a person in the household that ever held a regular job and received a paycheck-other than from government welfare. Many kids not knowing who their daddy is. Only a procession of mama’s boyfriends sitting at the dinner table eating Foodstamps bought food meant for the children. And the children only getting to eat free lunches at school.

Or, it’s the fault of the black community families not disciplining their children. To whoop some unruly kid’s butt will likely earn that parent a visit from DSS. And the DSS takes the kids and puts them in Foster Homes where they are used and abused and other sorts of bad things. But most often never disciplined. Otherwise, the DSS will place the kids somewhere else in another foster home.

And the schools. Good old Cleveland County Schools!!! The CCS “close the gap” programs that never close any gap-real or perceived, even after wasting literally tons of money spent on closing that particular gap. So, the schools start the Math Academy and other similar programs that suck up more and more tax money and never accomplish anything except for wasting tons of money and appointing members of the black community to high level positions for accomplishing nothing worthwhile except to raise the percentage of black faces on the payroll. Whether justified otherwise or not,

As for me, I mostly blame government corruption and plantation politics. For the black on black teen violence as well as most of the other tax dollars wasting on phony programs that don’t work. In both the black and white community. Which I personally believe should be the Cleveland County Community with black, white and other members. All working together for the betterment of all.

I blame the corruption in the City of Shelby and Cleveland County Commissioners that killed Mr. Willie Green’s Career Promise Program that would have provided a free college education for every promising graduating senior-black and white alike. I blame that same conspiracy of corruption that kept Mr. Green from building a sports facility in Shelby that would have provided teens, black and white, a place to learn physical training and team sport skills instead of crime in the streets. The very same race -based corruption that worked to prevent Mr. Willie Green from doing competitive business in Shelby and Cleveland County. Not necessarily because Mr. Green is black, but under the disguise of racist based discrimination. Because Mr. Green is honest and refuses to pay-to-play. A fact that is hidden in Shelby by all the many years of “pure” cultural and systemic racism and discrimination that hides the “corruption” from most of the good citizens in Cleveland County and Shelby. And Federal investigators as well. (Re: the years long Title IX investigation regarding Gender Discrimination at the Shelby High School Boys Baseball Field (Home of the ALWS) that never ends. EEOC violations and, likely, other prime examples that I don’t know about. Yet.

I also blame the corruption in the “plantation politics” type race baiting in the City of Shelby and Cleveland County politics that has led to the “smoke and mirror” political campaigns where the political candidates promise one thing and as soon as they get elected and in office, they do entirely the opposite. The 2020 School Board Elections are a prime example and a recent one too.

Long time School Board members Richard Hooker, Shearra Miller and Roger Harris were up for re-election against five Republican newcomers who were promising change. And who pops up but Rev. Dr. Lamont Littlejohn, Senior Pastor at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church and a wannabe political insider. Littlejohn and the School Board secretly negotiate a deal where Littlejohn would “purchase” the “Old” North Shelby School and Littlejohn would turn the old school into some sort of “halfway house” to help rehabilitate young black drug users and criminals. In exchange Littlejohn would provide the “black” vote. Myself and others believe that the Hooker, Miller and Harris School Board, once reelected, would ensure that Littlejohn would receive grants, gifts, of whatever, such that the purchase price publicly agreed upon would never have to be paid to CCS of would be outright “granted” to Littlejohn and Mt. Calvary for delivering the black vote to the Democrats.

As it worked out, Hooker, Miller and Harris lost their re-election to the School board by a wide-wide margin. The Republicans swept the field and were sworn in as School board members. In the process of Littlejohn’s impossible feat of delivering enough black votes for the Hooker, Miller and Harris to win re-election, Littlejohn and Mt. Calvary Baptist Church are STUCK like glue to a legally binding obligation to pay the $550,000 they bid on the “Old” North Shelby School. And Taxpayers are determined to collect their $550,000 for the “Old” North Shelby School that was on the books appraised at $1.2 million.

Now, the “Old” North Shelby School purchase by Rev. Littlejohn for $550,000 has stalled and nobody wants to talk about it. Just like the problem with Black teen violence in Shelby. Shelby leaders and the black churches just want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that nothing has ever happened. Dead black bodies and all. The old school board members that didn’t get re-elected are silent as their political shenanigans with Littlejohn were probably highly illegal. Littlejohn is silent, probably because he realizes a criminal investigation into that “Old” North Shelby School might land him in prison with Hooker, Miller and Harris. And, the “New” school board majority is silent because they don’t want to have to file a lawsuit against Littlejohn and his Church. Mostly his Church, I suppose.

So, who will do something about the taxpayers being screwed out of $1.2 Million dollars’ worth of assets that is now worth only $550,000? Or even less as the old school has been vandalized for the past 15 months?

What I have done is research the law and public records enough to come up with a plan to finally determine the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Littlejohn and Mt. Calvary’s purchase of the “Old” North Shelby School. MY plan is simple, I have sent a letter to Mt. Calvary Baptist Church and Rev. Littlejohn to complete the purchase of the “Old” North Shelby School as legally obligated within the next 30 days or I, as a resident and taxpayer in Cleveland County, will file a lawsuit against Littlejohn and Mt. Calvary Baptist Church with the Superior Court of Cleveland County asking the Courts to Order Littlejohn and Mt. Calvary to immediately complete the agreed upon purchase or to answer why… I will also subpoena records from Cleveland County Schools related to the secret negotiations between Littlejohn and the School Board. Of course, I will be looking for criminal activity that I will immediately report to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The Sheriff’s Department (as I don’t figure the City of Shelby Police Department will be responsive), the Attorney General’ of NC, The SBI, The Federal Department of Justice and the FBI. And the taxpayers and voters of Cleveland County. I plan on leaving no stone unturned to seek justice in this matter and to collect what is owed to the taxpayers of Cleveland County.

Folks, Please note that I have included information related to this plan to seek justice in the amounts owed to the taxpayers of Cleveland County just to say this. Nothing will happen in regard to the exponentially expanding black teen violence in the City of Shelby, North Carolina, until all the stakeholders in Shelby come out from under their rocks and face the facts. identify ALL the root causes of the problems, determine a PLAN of Action that includes ALL the root causes, set goals and standards for the results expected and IMPLEMENT that plan of action that includes measures of goals set and strict accountability from everybody involved. With NO finger pointing and the usual blame game. Everybody is involved and a failure in one sector is a failure of every sector.

As for me, I live in Fallston, but will be watching this situation closely. I consider the following folks front and center in resolving this major social issue that has long ago reached a “critical mass” withing the City of Shelby, but could easily explode outwards. North, South, East and West.

The City of Shelby Mayor, City Council and Staff
Cleveland County Courts, judges, juvenile case workers and probation officers
Cleveland County District Attorney and staff
Shelby Citizens Watch
Cleveland County Schools
Cleveland County School Board
Cleveland County Commissioners
Cleveland County Department of Social Services and Mental Health
Black Christian Churches and Pastors
White Christian Churches and Pastors
Shelby Police Department
Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department
Parents of young black children and teens in Shelby
All parents of children in Shelby
The Shelby business community, Atrium, YMCA and United Way
Shelby Civic Groups, Rotary, Toastmasters, Woman’s Club, Lions Club
Democrat Party and Republican Party of Cleveland County

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