Law and Disorder in Cleveland County!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

For those that have read my articles, you know that I call those in government “crooks” when they don’t follow the law as prescribed in North Carolina General Statutes in the way they conduct government business. I call those in government “liars” when they say things that misrepresent, deceive, and even right-out lie about things that they do..

For instance, I have called Eddie Holbrook and the other commissioners crooks and liars on many occasions. The School Board and CCC Board of Trustees too.

Now, under my own definition, I have to call Sheriff Alan Norman a “crook” also. And have the evidence to prove it.

North Carolina Election Laws are complicated and sometimes they change. For instance, recently, certain election laws were changed (recodified) by the General Assembly. Governor Roy Cooper Vetoed the new laws. Then, the General Assembly “over-rode” the veto. Some of those election law changes included the laws that I am about to show you that Sheriff Alan Norman has violated. But, in this case these particular new election laws were exactly the same as the old election laws. Both the new and the old laws will be provided later in this article for any disbeliveers.

My purpose of saying all of this is that Sheriff Alan Norman is not new to running for elected office. As a three time candidate for Sheriff and as a Water Board member before that. Sheriff Norman should have been aware of these laws, old as well as new, that were violated. But, even so, ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law. And Sheriff Alan Norman is the chief law enforcement official in Cleveland County and has a lot of explaining to do. Not necessarily to me or you, but to a Judge in criminal court.

This is how all this came down.

A source came to me Friday evening with two photographs and a copy of the applicable law. I would say the proof was in black and white, but the pictures were in color. The source handed me the pictures first and asked, “tell me what is illegal about these pictures?” The time stamped photographs were of two identical “Alan Norman for Sheriff” billboard advertisements at two different locations. The photos are attached so you can see the evidence for yourself, just like I did. I recognized the crime immediately. Neither of the billboard advertisements had the “disclosure” of who paid for the billboard advertisements as required by law. A clear violation of the law and a Class 1 misdemeanor crime. Punishable by 1-45 days in jail and greater than $1,000 fine (for a first offender), the exact amount of the fine is at the judges discretion. That sentencing law is also included below.

So, we have an un-indicted but popular incumbent Sheriff running for re-election with opposition by Petition candidate Clyde Ledbetter who wrote an intriguing book titled “The Search for Truth.” (Mr. Ledbetter was NOT the “source” previously noted.) What should be done???

Some, perhaps including Sheriff Alan Norman, might say this was just an “honest” mistake that can be easily corrected by adding the disclosure statement to the these and any other billboards that do not have them. But, isn’t that like the bank robber who gets caught getting off by just handing over the stolen money? Or the drug dealer who gets caught promising not to sell drugs anymore. There are two problems with that thinking. Every elected official would say the same thing and don’t we expect more from the highest elected law enforcement official in the County.

A third problem is the Cleveland County District Attorney refuses to prosecute all the other officials who similarly violate state law. He also refused to prosecute those who actually stole taxpayer dollars using governmental agency credit cards for personal use. Like a massage at the Grove Park Inn spa in Asheville, NC. And other obvious frauds. And, the one person he did prosecute, Mindy Morrow, was for the express purpose of covering up high level sexual misconduct at Shelby Middle School. And how do I know that? I sat right there in open court and heard with my very own ears the testimony that the DA and the Judge did not want and would not let the jury hear. Otherwise, they would have found Ms. Morrow NOT-Guilty. It is about time I told that story in full. Also, the story of how the DA (and the Cleveland County School Board and friends of Eddie Holbrook) royally screwed over Brian Ledbetter (son of Clyde Ledbetter) and ruined his career just to cover-up Ledbetter’s Ex-wife’s sexual misconduct at Cleveland County Schools. That story will also be coming out soon. With pictures that I had copied from court files-public records. (I am sure the clerk who made those copies still remembers that episode.) Selfie pics on her cell phone of the teacher sending pictures to her boyfriend of her bare breasts. Also a pic of the teacher “perched” up on her desk at school with her dress hiked-up playing with herself. These are public records in the court files that I will make available. If I can get around obscenity laws.

As for Sheriff Alan Norman, my recommendation is he publicly apologize for his billboard violations that were and are, by law, Class 1 Misdemeanors, take out charges against himself, plead guilty and pay the fine. Not out of campaign funds either. And do better from now on. Meaning, take out charges on other governmental officials that violate, or have violated, the laws of North Carolina and the USA. That would go a long way in cleaning up the mess here in Cleveland County.

Also, ‘fessing up to any knowledge of Brian Ledbetter’s Ex-wife’s perjury might be in order too. It is never too late to do the right thing. To right a wrong.

Now, for all the other “crooks” in county government, including the District Attorney, Eddie Holbrook, the other commissioners, the school board and CCC Board of Trustees whose practices fall outside the law, we expect some changes there too. Abandon your crooked ways and do what the law says for you to do. Make the public records, that you refuse to provide, available to the public like the law says you are supposed to do. Do the County government’s business in public like the law says you are supposed to do. Quit falsifying records. Prosecute fairly the wrongful actions by governmental officials and employees. Stop wasting taxmoney by giving it away to friends and family members in various underhanded ways. Stop all the wrongs and start doing right. Otherwise, we will certainly try to get rid of you on election day. The 2018 Election Day and beyond. Until we are through.

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