Laughing Out Loud !!! Report and commentary by Robert A. Williams

All the internet and social media folks often use the term “lol” for “Laughing out Loud.” Sometimes they say “lmao” for “laughing my a** off.” I have found myself “lol” and occasionally “lmao” a lot lately–watching TV network news, reading Shelby Star propaganda articles about how well schools are doing, School Board meetings and County Commissioner meetings. Let’s go down a long list of belly busting reasons to laugh out loud and laughing my a** off situations.

  •   Democrat and Civil Rights icon John Lewis saying Trump was not a legitimately elected President and boycotted Trump’s inauguration. Now we find out that John Lewis didn’t pay his property tax on his $800,000 DC townhouse. Also, Lewis’ income puts him in the top 8% while the income of his Georgia District is in the bottom 8% or so. John Lewis just joined the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpen Club, playing his race card for money. Lewis once stated if the 1963 March on Washington did not produce the results he wanted, his people would drop the non-violence position and march through Georgia just like Union General William T. Sherman did in the Civil War.
  • President Trump signed the paperwork to begin construction of the border wall. Liberals in the media are still whining. President Trump has started to make cuts to “sanctuary city” funding. More whining from the nitwit liberal media and nitwit mayors.
  • The main stream national news is picking on Trump’s 10 year old son Barron. Chelsea Clinton is taking up for Barron, although Bill, Hillary and the femma-Nazis are not.
  • Perhaps the biggest chuckle occurred when reading that 200 Trump protesters were arrested, including six in the media who were charged with felonies, in the DC riots at Trump’s inauguration. These bunch of nit wits are about to learn that we now have a law and order president and attorney general who ain’t putting up with no nonsense. I expect to see much more of this. Hey, fill up the jails and stack em high with media, criminals and professional protester riff-raff. Especially the looters and those that attack police officers. And those that attack Trump’s family and supporters on airplanes.

Then you have the homegrown sort of ridiculous comedy:

  • NC Governor Roy Cooper stole the election and is whooping and hollering about the bathroom bill and how he is going to stop it. And more. Tim Moore and the rest of the General Assembly won’t have much of that kind of mess from Cooper.
  • The Crooked and Crazy Cleveland County Commissioners are “pawning” the new Health Department to “borrow” $34 million to build the new North Shelby School for the handicapped. Only thing is the Crooked Commissioners are hiding $20 million of funding other stuff under the disguise of Economic Development. The January 3 and January 17, 2017 Commissioner’s meetings were so much of a hoot watching the Commissioners fall all over themselves trying to over look a mountain of information that showed the silly school board had major cost over run and building foundation problems that they were covering up themselves. The blind was following the blind and they all were falling in the ditch of obvious and total incompetence and trying to lie out of it.

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